Sunday, 6 May 2012


Yesterday was another not too bad day. I trained in the morning, ate mostly to plan, only walked a mile, and watched 2 movies as well as doing my big weekly shop – not too bad huh?

The movies I watched were Chalet Girl (which is well worth watching if you like sweet, somewhat predictable rom coms) and Rare Exports – A Christmas Tale – which is bizarre, surreal, weird, funny, and well worth watching so long as you either speak Finnish or are fine with subtitles. And both offer some gorgeous (snowy) scenery as well!

Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s hot cereal with pumpkin and raisins, mixed with whey


Lunch: Massive (not so) green smoothie of banana, summer berries, spinach, ground flaxseeds and soy milk with whey


Dinner: Wonderful spicy citrus-coriander baked tofu with a salad and a baked sweet potato (only managed half of this monster!) The marinade was a lovely combination of spicy and sweet – highly recommended!


Snacks: Greek yoghurt mixed with peanut flour and topped with blackberries; apple and babybel; bag of sour cream and onion popchips

Still no weight report…

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