Monday, 7 May 2012


I hardly remember yesterday, I think I’m getting old… I know I spent 40 mins on the Versaclimber and only managed to walk 1 mile due to the on-going rubbish weather… I spent some time cooking carob-orange protein muffins for hi-fibre snacks over the next few days, and did some holiday planning… I think that sums it up!

Food Sunday:

Breakfast: Bob’s Hot cereal with pumpkin & whey


Lunch: Salad with the second half of my big baked sweet potato, into which I had cracked an egg. Sadly I over-baked the egg so it wasn’t really the runny-yolk sweet potato combo I was hoping for Sad smile


Dinner: Stir fry with some left over baked tofu from Saturday – still great, but the stir fry flavours overpowered the marinade flavours a bit, so the last portion I will eat with salad to let it shine!


Snacks: Ham, gingerbread Nak’d bar, melon, carob-orange protein muffin


Weight: 155lbs

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