Saturday, 5 May 2012

Figuring out stuff Friday

Still not at all happy about what I did yesterday, but I’m trying not to let it push me into more idiocy today. I think the problem was that I was quite active on Wednesday and really didn’t up the calories enough to fuel it so my body was panicking on Thursday Winking smile

That’s something I do quite often (the under-compensating for exercise I mean) so I guess I need to figure out the nutrition a bit better to prevent more day-after binging. Man, this stuff seems more complicated this time around. I must be getting old and dumb or something.

This morning I used a huge dose of caffeine to give myself the energy for a 40 min climbing session on the Versaclimber, then walked to the train station, rode into Reading, and spent the morning on clothes shopping (mainly buying Shapewear to hold my stomach in….)

Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s hot cereal cooked with pumpkin & dried fruit, topped with a snack portion of chocolate Philadelphia, summer berries & whey


Lunch: 3 kinds of smoked salmon


followed by Steamed hake with pesto (I didn’t eat the pesto), samphire and seasonal salad


Then passion fruit sorbet


at Loch Fyne in Reading

Dinner: Home-made mushroom soup (no picture because it looks like a bowl of brown sludge)

Didn’t dare weigh in following the binge attack

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