Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

This morning I saw the sun for about 1.5 minutes and actually thought for once we might have a decent day on a Bank Holiday… but it quickly clouded over and then started to drizzle, and finally to rain quite hard. I had walked into town already by the time it started raining harder, and I’d been on the Versaclimber too, so I didn’t feel too bad about the weather change, especially as an upset stomach meant going for a long walk was inadvisable and my beloved Thames Path isn’t in great shape after all the torrential rain we’ve had lately anyway.

Poor M had to go into work today despite it being a Bank Holiday so when he suggested going out for lunch I was too weak to refuse… unfortunately we went to another local gastropub that doesn’t know anything care about healthy eating…

Food today:

Breakfast: Penultimate portion of Bob’s hot cereal with whey and a mini-tub of chocolate Philadelphia (not buying any more of it – it’s to0o tempting!!!)


Lunch: Smoked salmon


followed by The Biggest gammon steak, egg & chips meal of all time…


followed by no dessert because I was STUFFED…

Dinner: Fresh air


Snacks: Carob-orange muffin topped with another mini-tub of choco-Philly (see what I mean about too tempting??? OMG it looks gross, but believe me it tastes way better);


melon chunks

Weight: 154.4lbs

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I hardly remember yesterday, I think I’m getting old… I know I spent 40 mins on the Versaclimber and only managed to walk 1 mile due to the on-going rubbish weather… I spent some time cooking carob-orange protein muffins for hi-fibre snacks over the next few days, and did some holiday planning… I think that sums it up!

Food Sunday:

Breakfast: Bob’s Hot cereal with pumpkin & whey


Lunch: Salad with the second half of my big baked sweet potato, into which I had cracked an egg. Sadly I over-baked the egg so it wasn’t really the runny-yolk sweet potato combo I was hoping for Sad smile


Dinner: Stir fry with some left over baked tofu from Saturday – still great, but the stir fry flavours overpowered the marinade flavours a bit, so the last portion I will eat with salad to let it shine!


Snacks: Ham, gingerbread Nak’d bar, melon, carob-orange protein muffin


Weight: 155lbs

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Sunday, 6 May 2012


Yesterday was another not too bad day. I trained in the morning, ate mostly to plan, only walked a mile, and watched 2 movies as well as doing my big weekly shop – not too bad huh?

The movies I watched were Chalet Girl (which is well worth watching if you like sweet, somewhat predictable rom coms) and Rare Exports – A Christmas Tale – which is bizarre, surreal, weird, funny, and well worth watching so long as you either speak Finnish or are fine with subtitles. And both offer some gorgeous (snowy) scenery as well!

Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s hot cereal with pumpkin and raisins, mixed with whey


Lunch: Massive (not so) green smoothie of banana, summer berries, spinach, ground flaxseeds and soy milk with whey


Dinner: Wonderful spicy citrus-coriander baked tofu with a salad and a baked sweet potato (only managed half of this monster!) The marinade was a lovely combination of spicy and sweet – highly recommended!


Snacks: Greek yoghurt mixed with peanut flour and topped with blackberries; apple and babybel; bag of sour cream and onion popchips

Still no weight report…

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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Figuring out stuff Friday

Still not at all happy about what I did yesterday, but I’m trying not to let it push me into more idiocy today. I think the problem was that I was quite active on Wednesday and really didn’t up the calories enough to fuel it so my body was panicking on Thursday Winking smile

That’s something I do quite often (the under-compensating for exercise I mean) so I guess I need to figure out the nutrition a bit better to prevent more day-after binging. Man, this stuff seems more complicated this time around. I must be getting old and dumb or something.

This morning I used a huge dose of caffeine to give myself the energy for a 40 min climbing session on the Versaclimber, then walked to the train station, rode into Reading, and spent the morning on clothes shopping (mainly buying Shapewear to hold my stomach in….)

Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s hot cereal cooked with pumpkin & dried fruit, topped with a snack portion of chocolate Philadelphia, summer berries & whey


Lunch: 3 kinds of smoked salmon


followed by Steamed hake with pesto (I didn’t eat the pesto), samphire and seasonal salad


Then passion fruit sorbet


at Loch Fyne in Reading

Dinner: Home-made mushroom soup (no picture because it looks like a bowl of brown sludge)

Didn’t dare weigh in following the binge attack

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Thursday, 3 May 2012


So I boasted about a good day yesterday, then  binged all morning today. Yes. All morning. And still ate my planned lunch of top of the binge.

I regained control around 2pm and didn’t eat anything else the rest of the day since I was uncomfortably stuffed, bloated & (pardon me) windy…

Tomorrow is another day…

Catch up

Still knackered and sleeping badly, but doing a bit better now…

Yesterday I trained on the Versaclimber in the morning before breakfast, then went to Henley with my Mum & her OH. We walked around most of the morning, had lunch at Wetherspoons, then went to measure up at a new house we’re trying to buy. I didn’t binge or even overeat at all – it was a good day!

Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s hot cereal with pumpkin, whey & dried fruit


Lunch: Chicken & pepper piri piri skewers with salad


Dinner: Fresh grilled tuna with asparagus & samphire


Snacks: Skinny pop corn; apple

Didn’t weigh

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Too many carbs

Today and yesterday… I’m sleeping poorly at night, waking up ridiculously early, and falling asleep on the sofa during the day. Yesterday I kept the eating under control, today not so much….

Yesterday I walked about 5 miles (intended to walk further, but sleeping and then feeling groggy got in the way); this morning went on the Versaclimber and did pretty well for a pre-breakfast workout, but then the carbs starting kicking my ass, as I desperately looked for some energy to get through till lunchtime…

My mum & her OH are visiting today and tomorrow so I may just post a catch up on Thursday. I’m going to try to stay awake during day light, sleep when its dark, and eat like I’m trying to be healthy… training would be good too…

I’ll let you know how I get on!

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