Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Trapped indoors

Once again, stuck in all morning waiting for a delivery. I love online shopping ‘cos no queues, no caring about the weather, no carrying heavy bags around (not that I mind that IF I have my rucksack)… but I also hate internet shopping when it comes with the magic words ‘delivery between 9:00 and 17:30’. Why is it some delivery companies can give an hour slot – and more importantly, always hit it – while others seem to think they’re doing you a favour by letting you know which day of the week they plan on stopping by????

Anyway. I’m starting to feel a bit more human now after taking it much easier yesterday and not being able to leave the house all morning today. Plus an embarrassingly early night last night allowing me to get a little more sleep.  And happily not spending hours a day walking isn’t (so far) driving me to spend those hours pigging out – I guess I got that out of my system (for now anyway) at the weekend, and now I’m enjoying cleaner food again. Whew.

Confession time: I did consider making today a Dukan protein-only day. I still may do that one day this week, if I can bring myself too. Come to think of it, it should have been today, since it wouldn’t have been possible to walk miles and miles on no carbs and I’m stuck indoors. Ah well. It’s not sustainable for me, and certainly doesn’t qualify as a ‘detox’ but it does (sort of) kill the sweet tooth for a little while… that or send the binge monster crazy, there is no middle ground…

If all goes well this evening, I think I shall be weighing in tomorrow… now that I’ve said it, hopefully I’ll feel I have to follow through…

(Non-Dukan) Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill Tasty Hot cereal cooked in the slow cooker (the only way I like this – any other way and I keep finding weird hard bits in there that are not welcome in a porridge) with dried mixed fruit. I added whey this morning of course, along with a splash of vanilla soy milk. I topped it with 25 cals of reduced sugar cherry jam, just for a change


Lunch: The other half of yesterday’s mushroom, chicken and spinach soup. Fortunately it tastes way better than it looks. (Yes, its the same picture as yesterday, taken while the soup was still in the pan – I’m still only remembering to photograph half my meals tops)


Dinner: Haddock baked in foil with lemon juice and chilli, served with asparagus, samphire, and some bagged salad that needed using up


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey & ground flax straight from the pot;


Babybel & apple


Still not weighing…

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