Friday, 27 April 2012

Thursday London in the rain

Yesterday I went into London expecting to whisk around on the tube and be back by lunchtime. Just in case that didn’t happen I took some food with me. As it turned out, I never set foot on the tube and got back later than expected (after walking about 8 miles) so it was, from that point of view, better than I’d hoped.

On the downside, I forgot my umbrella and it rained off and on for most of the morning, sometimes light, sometimes torrential (so no photos I’m afraid. Or maybe that’s a relief given my photography skills)

I started at Paddington, walked along Oxford St and Regent Street, then along Piccadilly to Knightsbridge and finally back to Paddington. At one point I spent £5 on an umbrella that broke literally 3 minutes later – serves me right for being cheap I guess! I had intended to go to Kensington High Street to visit Whole Foods Market, but when I realised I was walking the wrong way I decided not to bother, since I didn’t need anything from there yet never manage to get out without spending at least £60.

Food Thursday:

Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill GF cereal with raisins and whey


Lunch: A GF ciabatta roll with turkey and ham and a bag of skinny sweet’n’salt popcorn

Dinner: Chicken salad with LF honey mustard dressing and a side of grilled asparagus


Snacks: I took a 3 minute muffin (half coconut flour, half peanut flour) to eat in the morning and had some melon in the afternoon. I also had a grande skinny latte in Starbucks while hiding from the rain.

Weight Thursday: 156lbs

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