Monday, 30 April 2012

Sunday catch up

More rain, so I was stuck indoors again, and I could practically feel myself getting progressively more tense and frustrated at not being able to go out (obviously I know I could have, and I think I’m going to have to start pushing myself given the forecast for the next week)

In the afternoon I spent 40 minutes on the Versaclimber, which helped at the time, but wasn’t a substitute for a walk in terms of mood enhancing. It did allow me to get REALLY sweaty though – I used my more intense program, and at the peak moments of intensity it kicked my ass a bit. I slightly overate (not a binge, but a little extra grazing) as a result of the frustration I was feeling. I need to emigrate to somewhere that hasn’t had rain for a few decades, then the weight will just fall off me Winking smile

Food Sunday:

Breakfast: Bob’s hot cereal from the slow cooker again. This batch I added chopped dates and apricots plus half a tin of pumpkin that how been sitting in my fridge for slightly too long, and it was absolutely delicious once I heated it up and added whey


Lunch: Salmon with a salad


Dinner: Roast dinner with beef brisket cooked in the slow cooker – also delicious


Snacks: Greek yoghurt topped with all bran, raisins and summer fruits (OK, the fruit is topped with the rest – it is under there, I promise!);


Apple and babybel; a couple of small handfuls of almonds and some extra raisins

Weight: 154.25 lbs

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