Sunday, 15 April 2012

Scale misery

But a good day anyway

The two things are not mutually exclusive – who knew???

This morning I was not happy with my weight – but as I’m constipated again I wasn’t as down as I might have been anyway. I did eat a heavy lunch yesterday, with the other stuff, and its ALL still sitting round in there… but I do know its not real weight gain and for once I’m able to handle that thought. For now, not sure how long I’ll be able to be that philosophical about it…

I was groggy early on because I took a Nytol last night, so I didn’t manage my intended climber session before breakfast. As it was a beautiful (if cold) morning, I decided to go for a long weekend walk on the Thames Path instead. There’s a segment of the path connecting Henley and Reading (Tilehurst). I decided to do that walk, but as I’ve already walked the first part of it instead of going into Henley (which forces a late start because the first train on a Sunday is at 9:34am) I walked across at an angle to join the Thames Path at Sonning Bridge instead, then walked along the Thames, past the massive Oracle offices and then to the train station. If I’m honest, I wasn’t ready to stop when I got there – I should have done more of the route!


After reaching Reading I did a little Tesco shopping & caught the train home for lunch. Then in the afternoon I watched Real Steel – a very silly movie, but lots of fun just the same! And Hugh Jackman is always worth watching… Open-mouthed smile

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins and peaches


Lunch: Big salad with home-made bean balls


Dinner: THE LAST PORTION of (that batch of) gf chicken veg noodle soup


Snacks: Mixed grain porridge


Clementine protein muffin (also the last portion) with Greek yoghurt, plus a small amount of leftover grilled chicken

Weight: 158 lbs

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1 comment:

  1. Since I began reading your blog, a while back, your weight has basically consistently gone up.
    So does that not mean that the weight gain you are experiencing, is in fact, probably real weight?
    Day to day fluctuations aside, your weight has actually gone up.