Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Raining again

Why did the weather go to crap as soon as my brother visited and gave me a walking buddy for a change? Yesterday we were lucky – it poured for around half an hour in Central London but that coincided exactly with us going indoors for lunch.

Anyway, aware of the possibility that our walking would be circumscribed by the weather (true hard core walkers wouldn’t care, but I wear glasses and don’t enjoy rain dripping on them all the damn time) I did my 40 min Versaclimber session again – 3 days in a row! And M is doing the same, before heading to work – what a pair we are!

Just for you, Sarah – this was my favourite of the protein muffins I’ve made so far

  • Clementine cocoa protein muffin:
  • 9g cocoa powder (mine was just Bourneville unsweetened)
  • 19g coconut flour
  • 60g egg whites
  • 60g pureed clementines
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • Splash of sugar free vanilla syrup

I made the Clementine puree because I intended to make Nigella’s gluten free Clementine cake, then remembered the ‘less backbone than a jellyfish’ problem I have with self-control, so I still boiled the clementines, seeded and pureed them, but then kept them to use in these muffins.

It poured with rain as we headed into Reading and there were intermittent showers throughout, so we did cut back somewhat on the outdoorsiness – plus the grey skies made for bad photos!


Food today:

Breakfast: Mixed grain porridge with whey, fruit & a splash of vanilla soy milk


Lunch: At Loch Fyne - a starter of smoked salmon – with capers on the left, hot smoked fillet, and sashimi style on the right (my favourite of the 3)


Followed by grilled hake with samphire & sautéed potatoes (and tomato & chilli pesto, but I barely touched that)


Dinner: Large salad with tofu and a little turkey


Snacks: A Pumpkin 9 bar;


babybel; Starbucks skinny latte with a pot of fruit salad

Weight: 156.25

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