Saturday, 7 April 2012

Oops.... why drunk shopping is as bad as hungry shopping

Why is it harder to eat well on rest days? I declared a rest day proper today to recover from my longer walk yesterday, and I think my legs (and ass) appreciated the lighter day - in total only about a two mile walk. M proposed a steak lunch, and after some resistance I gave in because on rest days I have a spine made of custard and the self control of a jellyfish. I did intend to not get carried away, but I've become such a cheap date since cutting back on booze that one (large) glass of wine and one champagne cocktail left me mildly plastered and totally lacking in self control - hence the dessert that should have been resisted even without thinking about the calories (what was I thinking??? I KNEW IT WASN'T GLUTEN FREE) and also hence a slight detour on the way back to the train station into the most dangerous store in Britain - Hotel Chocolat...
We both went a little crazy and bought ridiculous amounts of chocolate. In reality I didn't eat a huge amount of it on the train and when we got home, but in combination with the lunch we had something gave me a horrible bloated feeling and various types of antisocial digestive issues all afternoon that stopped me eating anything else for the rest of the day. I have been being very careful to avoid gluten lately and I guess my tolerance has gone down - or I'm in denial about how much chocolate I ate, but I don't think so - and I felt worse than I have for while. Why oh why why....
It was really silly but perhaps a timely reminder of the problems that I do still need to be aware of. I'm not feeling like bashing myself over the calories of the day, but I do feel irritated about the bad choice I made at dessert. I guess I felt rebellious or maybe just stupid... anyway, tomorrow is another (cleaner eating) day...

Food today:
Breakfast: Millet & amaranth porridge with raisins, chia seeds and vanilla whey
Lunch: 2 BBQ chicken wings, a fillet steak with a baked potato at a wonderful Reading steakhouse - Miller & Carter, followed by a definitely not gluten free chocolate fondant - a chocolate pudding filled with molten chocolate served with whipped cream
Dinner: Nothing but an Alka Seltzer Xcess
Morning snack: melon, dried mango & a Clif bar (come to think of it, I didn't ceck if it was GF and suspect it probably wasn't - damn!)
Afternoon snack: more chocolate

Weight: 156.25 lbs (11st 2.25)

Stay Healthy

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