Tuesday, 10 April 2012

No weigh in today

I decided it was more likely to discourage me than to motivate me, so I steered clear of the scales this morning. I’m constipated and retaining water from all the sugar I ate over the weekend, but I’ve hidden the rest of the chocolate away (I do know that sounds daft – me hiding something from myself – I just mean I’ve moved it away from my line of sight so hopefully I can forget its there instead of obsessing over it) and wanted to get back on track today. It wasn’t as good a day as I really needed because my Dad and his wife, C, visited for the day so we ate out in Reading – but I was prepared intended to be strong! Errr, yeah, that didn’t happen….

My only exercise today was walking about 5 miles in small increments. Enjoyed it though, especially after the rubbish weather yesterday!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins & peaches, vanilla soy milk. I thought about lying and saying I had porridge again because I’m embarrassed that being constipated makes me choose the dreaded wheat gluten for breakfast – but I’m not sure why I’m that bothered. I occasionally eat All Bran for breakfast because it still helps me more than any other food when things stop moving. However, I have a smaller bowl and don’t eat it every day (as eventually that produces uncomfortable side effects) and it seems to be OK – in the end I’d rather eat gluten than take a laxative when I need the help.


Lunch: Smoked salmon sashimi style


Hake with samphire & new potatoes (in bright sunshine from the window)


(Not at all GF) Bread and Butter pudding with crème anglais and vanilla ice-cream


Dinner: Big meal for lunch means GF chicken noodle soup for dinner!


Snacks: NO CHOCOLATE! Pop chips, melon & raisins, Greek yoghurt and honey


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1 comment:

  1. You shouldn't feel guilty for eating All-Bran! (particularly as you already seem to feel guilty for just about everything else) I am gluten-sensitive as well, but All-Bran is practically my favourite food. I'd get in trouble as a kid for sneaking it whenever we visited my Granny - she was the only one who kept it in her cupboards.

    I'd kill for a bowl of All-Bran right now...I must be a 90 year-old in disguise.

    No-one here judges you for what you eat. We all just think you're a great person who deserves some happiness and peace with food and her body.