Thursday, 26 April 2012

My knee hurts Wednesday

Which would be much more annoying if it hadn’t been pissing down all day. With 4 more days the same forecast – at least…

I was planning to go into London today, but decided against it because I don’t enjoy vertical drowning if I don’t have to.

Instead I managed to walk precisely 1 mile when the weather eased up for about 3 minutes (yes, it started hammering down again while I was still on the way to the shop. On the plus side, I now know that the new weather-proof jacket I bought in Reading last week is indeed waterproof. Unlike my jeans…) Given the sore knee (and then the bad back that came on after my walk presumably because I was walking funny) I didn’t go on the mountain climber either.

My eating was mostly OK yesterday except that I replaced a healthy low-cal apple & babybel snack that I planned to have with 2 vegan  GF cookies I bought in Camden Lock Market last week and froze. The stand is called Cookies & Scream. I ate them straight from the freezer – one PB & J cookie, one – my favourite – Ginger Ninja.  They were really good that way! But why I needed 2 of them is a mystery…

Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal from the slow cooker (I cooked up 4 portions and stuck 3 in the fridge) with whey


Lunch: Half a GF mixed grain baguette stuffed with grilled halloumi, red onion and Portobello mushroom


Dinner: Bolognaise sauce served on top of a pile of carrots, asparagus, green beans & peas


Snacks: Slices of roast turkey breast; aforementioned cookies which I did not photograph deliberately so you can’t judge how big they were….

Weight: Not known as I actually forgot to check it

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