Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Moving along

Not much interesting to say today for a change Winking smile

I’ve walked a little bit, eaten well (fending off an attempt by the stomach to suggest I really ought to buy a Cadbury’s crème egg because it was reduced now that Easter is behind us) and spent the afternoon stuck indoors while the sun was shining outside because of expected deliveries and a courier collection. We’re selling a fair bit of our bulkier stuff on eBay so we can fit into an apartment (possibly not the one I told you about a while ago as we’ve hit multiple snags on the purchase) and today I was getting rid of some particularly bulky conservatory furniture that I am very glad to see the back of. I was feeling surprisingly calm about being penned in actually, given my usual excess of frustration whenever that happens and also given that its TTOM again… should have expected it after rampaging through the chocolate mountain at the weekend I suppose…

Food today:

Breakfast: A savoury 2 minute muffin (flavoured with Italian seasoning) bacon & mushroom sandwich (you can see how well it held together – I made it in too large a bowl so it was too thin to slice properly)


Lunch: GF chicken noodle soup


Dinner: Quorn chicken style pieces in a vegetarian Jalfrezi curry from the freezer with cauliflower-and-broccoli rice and a GF pitta bread


Snacks: Cottage cheese with summer berries;


A second 2 minute muffin, this one sweet (made with pureed boiled clementines) – I quadrupled the recipe to make a large cake, then sliced it into 4. This portion was topped with buried under pineapple cottage cheese


Weight: 157.5lbs

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  1. Ooooh, Chrissie, I've never thought of having summer berries with my cottage cheese! This looks like a MUST try for very, very soon.

    Glad to hear you too resisted the lure of 'now Easter's over' half price chocs. My temptation came with walking past Hotel Chocolat... I resisted, but it was a close call ;-)