Friday, 13 April 2012


This morning I discovered that I only had to lose 1.5lbs to get back under 11 st – nothing is getting in the way of that! It’s a huge psychological barrier for me, and a massive motivator, so I am now newly determined! A week tomorrow I am going out for lunch at The Hand & Flowers in Marlow (gourmet pub restaurant that does not suffer its guests to eat anything healthy and doesn’t have a single salad on the menu(OK, there’s one in the side dishes, but that doesn’t count)); its my intention to be under 11st AFTER that meal, not just before it, so I have some work to do… in the spirit of that, I got back on the climber this afternoon for 40 sweaty minutes. Not much walking though – about a mile, that’s all. But I did spend my entire morning taking some rubbish to the local dump then shopping at Tesco (complete with soul destroying queuing and red traffic lights everywhere I went!)

Off for a house viewing now…

Food today:

Breakfast: Clementine cake with cottage cheese & dried apricots


Lunch: Chicken vegetable noodle soup (sorry if this is really boring, I keep adding extra vegetables & meat to this – it could last for another month at this rate Winking smile, and its getting better every day)


Dinner: Spatchcock chicken with lime, ginger & chilli from Waitrose with grilled vegetables


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with summer berries & ground flax;


Apple and babybel


Weight: 155.4lbs

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