Thursday, 5 April 2012

Missing the elliptical

After the Versaclimber and 3 miles walking yesterday my legs felt so heavy and tired… I know that’s a good sign of how hard I worked, but it makes me doubt whether I can use it daily; if we still had the elliptical I would alternate between the two because I never couldn’t do SOMETHING on that thing (though I often chose not to….) whereas I don’t think it’ll be as easy to ease off while still using the climber. We’ll see I guess, it does have a large number of programs and today I used an easier one than yesterday to test how I get on. I realise the need for rest days but I’d like to do something 6 days a week at the moment to kick-start things and get back into the habit…

I was trapped indoors for the main part of today waiting for a delivery. My ability to cope with this frustration is not improving… They were supposed to come between 10 am and noon, then I got a call to say they’d be here around 1pm, and at 2pm I was still waiting…. AAUUGH!!! They eventually arrived at 2:25 after I’d called the company to ask where the hell they were…

Still managed to walk 2 miles on top of the climbing though, so I decided to forgive and forget!

Food today:

Breakfast: Multigrain porridge with vanilla whey, sultanas and chia seeds

(which I once again forgot to photograph in the rush for a post-training meal)

Lunch: Big salad with basil tofu


Dinner: Parma-wrapped monkfish with sautéed samphire & grilled asparagus


Snacks: Apple & clementine with babybel (no photo on purpose today because you saw it yesterday – mostly)

Ginger-pumpkin flavour 2 min protein muffin with Fage Greek yoghurt… before


and after I mashed it all into a hideous mess and topped it with peaches


Weight: 11st 3.1lbs (157.1lbs)

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