Saturday, 14 April 2012

Er… spoke too soon

Yesterday I felt good but apparently ate too much salt, which meant I was back up to 157.4lbs this morning. So of course I clamped right down and ate nothing but vegetable soup while spending 3 hrs on the climber… yeah. Not so much.

I started well with healthy mixed grain porridge (to which I had added dried apricots before cooking) and vanilla whey.


It carried on well with all bran, raisins and peaches in a snack size portion because I was constipated


Then… I ate 500 lbs of dried fruit, a spirulina & ginseng protein bar, and a bag of pop chips. OK, more like 100 g dried fruit. It wouldn’t have been a big deal but M suggested going out for lunch – and I not only fell for it, but I talked him out of Thai (where I would have had steamed seafood & fish) into a gastropub where I had smoked salmon, sirloin steak, chips, and non-GF treacle tart…




Ah well. I also walked 4 miles, viewed 2 houses, and only ate melon (not much) for dinner because I was so bloated.

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