Sunday, 8 April 2012

Back on track–but boring

I never ate anything else yesterday after the chocolate splurge, and this morning I was up for about an hour and a half before I felt up to eating breakfast. The bloated icky feeling has pretty much worn off now, but it wasn’t much fun while it lasted.

This morning (typically, because of the Bank Holiday) was grey and wet – not very inspiring. The forecast was for more grey skies but no more rain, but we did have some drizzle so I decided to stay fairly close to home and keep dry rather than following my original plan to hit the Thames Path again walking from Sonning to Reading and then catching the train back. As I fell asleep on the sofa mid-morning and didn’t wake up until lunch time, I stayed really close to home in the end – never actually setting foot outside the house…. Embarrassed smile

Food today:

Breakfast: Millet & amaranth porridge supplemented with egg whites before reheating and topped with chia seeds & raisins. I prefer whey in porridge to egg whites myself… still, worth an experiment (this is not a black and white photo, it really looked like that…errr, yum??!!)


Lunch: Chicken vegetable noodle soup to which I had added a couple of kosher turkey Vienna sausages I bought at Tesco yesterday and some peas and corn.


Dinner: Roast turkey dinner with a turkey breast joint and roasted vegetables… obviously, presentation is (still) not my strong point…


Snacks: Some (few) chocolates; a babybel & some ham; 2 minute protein muffin (ginger & cinnamon flavour)


Weight: 156.5lbs – not great, but better than I expected given yesterday’s excesses!

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