Monday, 30 April 2012

Sunday catch up

More rain, so I was stuck indoors again, and I could practically feel myself getting progressively more tense and frustrated at not being able to go out (obviously I know I could have, and I think I’m going to have to start pushing myself given the forecast for the next week)

In the afternoon I spent 40 minutes on the Versaclimber, which helped at the time, but wasn’t a substitute for a walk in terms of mood enhancing. It did allow me to get REALLY sweaty though – I used my more intense program, and at the peak moments of intensity it kicked my ass a bit. I slightly overate (not a binge, but a little extra grazing) as a result of the frustration I was feeling. I need to emigrate to somewhere that hasn’t had rain for a few decades, then the weight will just fall off me Winking smile

Food Sunday:

Breakfast: Bob’s hot cereal from the slow cooker again. This batch I added chopped dates and apricots plus half a tin of pumpkin that how been sitting in my fridge for slightly too long, and it was absolutely delicious once I heated it up and added whey


Lunch: Salmon with a salad


Dinner: Roast dinner with beef brisket cooked in the slow cooker – also delicious


Snacks: Greek yoghurt topped with all bran, raisins and summer fruits (OK, the fruit is topped with the rest – it is under there, I promise!);


Apple and babybel; a couple of small handfuls of almonds and some extra raisins

Weight: 154.25 lbs

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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Boring Saturday

Yesterday was so dull I couldn’t bring myself to write a post in case I fell asleep, so I won’t torture you with too much detail. The weather was horrible. All day. So the high point of my day was a trip to Tesco (you may have to be British to understand how low a high point that is). The rest of the day was laundry, loading & unloading the dishwasher, and reading my Kindle / watching TV. Yawn. At least it didn’t drive me to binge!

Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s GF hot cereal with whey


Lunch: Chicken & mushroom omelette with salad


Dinner: Chicken & vegetable soup with GF bread


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries;


melon & dried fruit

Weight: 154.4lbs

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Friday, 27 April 2012

The sun is shining!

Off and on anyway. This morning I looked out at glorious sunshine, decided to go out down town, and by the time I got my coat & rucksack on – pouring again!!! Luckily it stopped almost as soon as it started and I made it without getting wet again. Only one mile though, given the below training…

Training today: 40 mins mountain climber on the harder of the two programs I’ve tried so far – sweaty mess, but happy!

This afternoon I watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Veeery slow moving, very hard to follow (or is that because I was playing Angry Birds at the same time?) but interesting, with a stellar cast, well worth watching if you don’t need your spies body surfing out of planes a la James Bond!

Food today:

Breakfast: Bobs hot cereal with whey and raisins


Lunch: Chicken salad – I mixed chopped cooked chicken with cottage cheese, raw broccoli and spring onions (scallions) to top the green salad


Dinner: Salmon salad. I bought a whole salmon (minus the head and guts) from Asda and baked it in foil intending to use it for a Dukan day – but I’ve decided I’d rather have the energy to train / walk miles, so I’ll stick with my carbs 


Snacks: All bran with soy milk, raisins and peaches


Apple & babybel


Weight: 155.4 lbs

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Thursday London in the rain

Yesterday I went into London expecting to whisk around on the tube and be back by lunchtime. Just in case that didn’t happen I took some food with me. As it turned out, I never set foot on the tube and got back later than expected (after walking about 8 miles) so it was, from that point of view, better than I’d hoped.

On the downside, I forgot my umbrella and it rained off and on for most of the morning, sometimes light, sometimes torrential (so no photos I’m afraid. Or maybe that’s a relief given my photography skills)

I started at Paddington, walked along Oxford St and Regent Street, then along Piccadilly to Knightsbridge and finally back to Paddington. At one point I spent £5 on an umbrella that broke literally 3 minutes later – serves me right for being cheap I guess! I had intended to go to Kensington High Street to visit Whole Foods Market, but when I realised I was walking the wrong way I decided not to bother, since I didn’t need anything from there yet never manage to get out without spending at least £60.

Food Thursday:

Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill GF cereal with raisins and whey


Lunch: A GF ciabatta roll with turkey and ham and a bag of skinny sweet’n’salt popcorn

Dinner: Chicken salad with LF honey mustard dressing and a side of grilled asparagus


Snacks: I took a 3 minute muffin (half coconut flour, half peanut flour) to eat in the morning and had some melon in the afternoon. I also had a grande skinny latte in Starbucks while hiding from the rain.

Weight Thursday: 156lbs

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

My knee hurts Wednesday

Which would be much more annoying if it hadn’t been pissing down all day. With 4 more days the same forecast – at least…

I was planning to go into London today, but decided against it because I don’t enjoy vertical drowning if I don’t have to.

Instead I managed to walk precisely 1 mile when the weather eased up for about 3 minutes (yes, it started hammering down again while I was still on the way to the shop. On the plus side, I now know that the new weather-proof jacket I bought in Reading last week is indeed waterproof. Unlike my jeans…) Given the sore knee (and then the bad back that came on after my walk presumably because I was walking funny) I didn’t go on the mountain climber either.

My eating was mostly OK yesterday except that I replaced a healthy low-cal apple & babybel snack that I planned to have with 2 vegan  GF cookies I bought in Camden Lock Market last week and froze. The stand is called Cookies & Scream. I ate them straight from the freezer – one PB & J cookie, one – my favourite – Ginger Ninja.  They were really good that way! But why I needed 2 of them is a mystery…

Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal from the slow cooker (I cooked up 4 portions and stuck 3 in the fridge) with whey


Lunch: Half a GF mixed grain baguette stuffed with grilled halloumi, red onion and Portobello mushroom


Dinner: Bolognaise sauce served on top of a pile of carrots, asparagus, green beans & peas


Snacks: Slices of roast turkey breast; aforementioned cookies which I did not photograph deliberately so you can’t judge how big they were….

Weight: Not known as I actually forgot to check it

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Trapped indoors

Once again, stuck in all morning waiting for a delivery. I love online shopping ‘cos no queues, no caring about the weather, no carrying heavy bags around (not that I mind that IF I have my rucksack)… but I also hate internet shopping when it comes with the magic words ‘delivery between 9:00 and 17:30’. Why is it some delivery companies can give an hour slot – and more importantly, always hit it – while others seem to think they’re doing you a favour by letting you know which day of the week they plan on stopping by????

Anyway. I’m starting to feel a bit more human now after taking it much easier yesterday and not being able to leave the house all morning today. Plus an embarrassingly early night last night allowing me to get a little more sleep.  And happily not spending hours a day walking isn’t (so far) driving me to spend those hours pigging out – I guess I got that out of my system (for now anyway) at the weekend, and now I’m enjoying cleaner food again. Whew.

Confession time: I did consider making today a Dukan protein-only day. I still may do that one day this week, if I can bring myself too. Come to think of it, it should have been today, since it wouldn’t have been possible to walk miles and miles on no carbs and I’m stuck indoors. Ah well. It’s not sustainable for me, and certainly doesn’t qualify as a ‘detox’ but it does (sort of) kill the sweet tooth for a little while… that or send the binge monster crazy, there is no middle ground…

If all goes well this evening, I think I shall be weighing in tomorrow… now that I’ve said it, hopefully I’ll feel I have to follow through…

(Non-Dukan) Food today:

Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill Tasty Hot cereal cooked in the slow cooker (the only way I like this – any other way and I keep finding weird hard bits in there that are not welcome in a porridge) with dried mixed fruit. I added whey this morning of course, along with a splash of vanilla soy milk. I topped it with 25 cals of reduced sugar cherry jam, just for a change


Lunch: The other half of yesterday’s mushroom, chicken and spinach soup. Fortunately it tastes way better than it looks. (Yes, its the same picture as yesterday, taken while the soup was still in the pan – I’m still only remembering to photograph half my meals tops)


Dinner: Haddock baked in foil with lemon juice and chilli, served with asparagus, samphire, and some bagged salad that needed using up


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey & ground flax straight from the pot;


Babybel & apple


Still not weighing…

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Scale fear

I’m still not brave enough to face the scales… my husband tells me I look great (and if actions speak louder than words he means it Devil) but that’s not what I see when I look in the mirror, and as much as I’d like to feel happy because of his opinion, my own feelings are still pretty unimpressed. I know I’ve brought it on myself, and I’m planning to do much better from here on, but I have said that so many times lately… I’m pretty tired from the weekend so hopefully I’ll find some sliver of positive thinking when I feel a bit more energetic… hopefully. This morning I tried on a dress I hoped to take on my next holiday and it fit. Then I tried another one on… and the zip broke without even getting over my thighs. That was not a happy moment for me (even though it always fit like a second skin and never felt like it was brilliantly made…)

No training today. As for walking – maybe about 3 miles. I went to Reading on the train, did a few errands in the rain, and then went to M&S to try to buy some more feminine clothes as I feel like a misshapen sack of spuds these days. I did find a few good bits (including a very fitted size 10 dress – and even though I know ALL about vanity sizing, which I believe is the specialist subject of M&S, I was still happyier about that!!!)

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins and peaches


Lunch: Home-made cream of mushroom soup with added spinach and chicken


Dinner: Vegetable fried rice with grilled asparagus


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with summer berries


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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sweaty Sunday

I decided to go for an easy 5 mile or so walk today to recover a bit from the excesses of Friday & Saturday – misjudged that a bit and ended up walking just over 8 miles at a fairly consistent 3.5 miles an hour – as it was very sunny and fairly warm, I got sweaty and red faced in the process, so that was great (even if the walk was all urban, along fairly boring roads – so no pretty pictures today!)

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins and peaches, plus a few random chocolates that were lying around (for breakfast??? I know!!!)


Lunch: 2 egg scramble with lots of fresh veggies & salad


Dinner: Chicken roast dinner with more fresh veggies


Snacks: A Bounce protein ball and a small slice of GF fruit cake with a small Peach iced tea at Costa Coffee.

Weight: No idea (and liking it that way!)

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Didn’t weigh in today

It’s M’s birthday mid-week so his parents came up to visit us and we went out for lunch yesterday. I failed miserably at restraining myself food-wise (in fact I fell into my usual ‘not dieting later so I may as well binge now’ mind set), so I decided not to weigh myself this morning. I did however get quite a bit of exercise yesterday – I walked from Marlow to Henley with my FIL after lunch, which was fantastic apart from a torrential rain shower (with some hail) about a mile out from the train station, which meant we both had soaking wet legs for the train ride home and the walk from the station. It was basically a 10 mile walk in total, plus we’d spent a while walking around Marlow before lunch. Everyone was too full for a meal in the evening, and I was actually first to bed, not just because of the long walk but also because of a poor night’s sleep on Friday night.

It was a great weekend, but I am pretty sure its genuinely set me back diet-wise so I’ll have to work harder from now on.

As I didn’t photograph most of the weekend’s food (and the pictures I did take are garbage), here are a few photos from my walk yesterday


Food Saturday: Too much chocolate & wasabi peas. Bob’s Red mill gluten free hot cereal for breakfast with mixed dried fruit and whey.

Lunch: Starter: Smoked haddock & parmesan omelette (I would rise up from my deathbed for this dish)

Main course: Whole Lemon Sole with Fine Herb, Smoked Puy Lentils, Bacon, Pistachio and Swiss Chard.


Dessert: (oh yes, I had dessert!!!) Tonka Bean Panna Cotta, with Poached Rhubarb, Ginger Wine Jelly and Rhubarb Sorbet


Dinner: Slice of (delicious) Classic carrot cake baked by me from a recipe in my Gluten free Almond flour cookbook (by Elana Amsterdam) – I gave the rest of the cake to M’s parents to take home.

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Rest day Thursday

Not my choice to have a rest day today but I had an upset stomach this morning so I decided not to push my luck. Of course that doesn’t mean no walking at all, that would never do… but I only managed a mile just to get a bit of fresh air, I didn’t want to get too far from a bathroom (TMI? Sorry….)

I was nervous first thing, wondering if I would be pushed into a binge if I didn’t train. The last 3 days, when I’ve been much more active, my appetite just about disappeared (which is unheard of for me – training has never had that effect before) but I couldn’t help wondering if the lack of exercise combined with the rapid transit system operating in my digestive system might knock me off the wagon. Not so! Though I did have a couple of chocolates just because it was there and I was tired… and then when M came home he wanted to go out for dinner, and I admit that I caved when he suggested going to the Crown at Bray (another part of Heston Blumenthal’s empire), which I’ve wanted to try for a while. It was a beautiful meal, though I kind of wished I hadn’t been designated driver as I don’t drink anything at all when I have to drive.

Food today:

Breakfast: Mixed grain porridge with a splash of vanilla soy milk, chocolate whey and raisins (excuse the revolting looking bowl, I mixed it all together in there obviously)


Lunch: Salad with low fat feta cheese & prawns, and a side of grilled asparagus


Dinner: Grilled leeks with Taleggio cheese & hazelnut crumb


Hake with Jerusalem artichoke puree & purple sprouting broccoli, with a side order of skinny fries



Rhubarb Eton mess


Snacks: Apple & babybel; Greek yoghurt & honey with some ground flax


Weight: 155.25lbs