Friday, 17 February 2012

Random stuff

Just to show I’m still alive…

My brother visited this week for a few days. Obviously we ate out a lot and obviously he & I spent a day wandering around London. It was great! We both get the same goofy smile on our faces when we go into London because its so nice just to get off the train and walk around for hours. By the end my feet were throbbing – just a gentle reminder that I don’t go for enough long walks these days! I meant to take loads of photos but we were too busy chatting and exploring so I forgot – bad blogger that I am! This is all I managed all day long…


Yesterday I spent the day with my Mum in Devizes and the evening with my Dad. It was a lovely relaxing day, and my sat nav took me through some really pretty places. Unfortunately as the driver I couldn’t take photos to share with you – but I did make note of the fact that I drove through a tiny village called Tiddlywink. I want to live somewhere called Tiddlywink some day, just so I can tell people I do… Winking smile

Photos of Devizes:


And one of my Dad’s cat:


I haven’t weighed myself all week. That has to change, so tomorrow morning I will be stepping on the scales. It’s very possible that the whole population of Britain may hear me screaming when I do – if I wake you up, I apologise in advance!!!

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  1. Well you didn't wake me so I guess all is well who cares if few pounds go on they can always be removed when the fancy takes you....