Friday, 10 February 2012


I ache all over today. I decided to start doing some different exercise yesterday, just because I’m fed up with the things I’ve been doing lately (or more accurately, not been doing but been thinking about doing then deciding not to bother)

Over the entire day, in small bursts of energy, very broken up over the day) I managed:

110 press-ups

2 chin ups

4 planks

One 4:10 min Tabata-esque period of kettlebell swings (20 secs swinging, 10 secs resting, repeat until you want to want to die)

Approx 30 body weight lunges.

Walked about 2.5 miles (with not too heavy rucksack)

Now I can’t stand up, sit down, climb stairs, walk down stairs or raise my arms more than 3 inches without pain.

Must be cracking up, since I actually like the feeling… OK, that’s a lie! I like knowing I did something to be a bit fitter, but only when I’m sitting still and not currently aching Winking smile

It snowed here last night, not much, about a cm. The back garden looks pretty but the road out front is already slushy and horrible. I don’t like snow much, so the long walk I was planning for today will probably go on hold for a few days… Is yoga good for screaming agony aches, or is it a bit too much to ask my body to cope with?

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  1. Which Olympic event are you intending to enter?