Monday, 9 January 2012


Yesterday I did feel kind of motivated first thing, but then got hungry & let M talk me into going out for lunch one last time. The way he persuaded me – he volunteered to walk to a local pub restaurant (3 mile round trip) – which is enough of a rarity for me to go for it. He is so not a walker!!! I did try to pick light food and eat light later on as well though


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs + egg whites with LF bacon



Melon & fig salad


Sicilian fish stew


Orange & Cointreau jelly with pink grapefruit sorbet and citrus fruits


Dinner: A turkey leg

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with fruit

Weight: 161.5lbs yesterday, and despite still being constipated today, 162 lbs today which I have no problem with after a weekend with 4 meals out!

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  1. Hi, all looks yummy. I sometimes take actimal for constipation. I find it does the trick.
    I am trying no to have too many biscuits this week. Last week was a bit of a biccy binge!
    Well done with all the walking x