Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I hab a code…

I was feeling under the weather for weeks before it descended on me like a ton of bricks, and now I’m acting like a man with man flu (apologies if there are any men reading this who believe they don’t get man flu Winking smile) and wallowing in the sore throat, runny nose, streaming eyes etc. I swear I don’t get like this when I have work to distract me, but because I’m at home all day just job hunting & flat hunting and sneezing, I’m letting it get me down and letting it stop me training (I can’t breathe through my nose…) as well as intermittently letting it stop me eating right…

Since I’ve been so apathetic lately there is probably no-one left out there, I’m just going to post a few photo’s of just some of the food I’ve eaten lately.  Most of it not remotely home-cooked – I’m getting out of the habit, but I do want that to change…





Some (not nearly all) of it was relatively healthy…. not in the quantities I’ve been eating mind you…

By the way, on Friday I’m eating at The Fat Duck – that’s one meal I’m sure I WILL be posting about properly!!!

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  1. Ha, look forward to hearing about your night at the Fat Duck :)

  2. The fat duck meal sounds interesting and I look forward to an in depth report!!! Sorry you are feeling poorly having had the dratted cold myself I can empathise with you.....