Tuesday, 10 January 2012


To call Monday a struggle is a huge understatement. I guess taking a few days off is a bad idea in terms of getting motivated, plus of course reminding my body how sweet my tooth is these days. As the constipation continued I packed the fibre in yesterday (and it worked out in the end…). I also ellipticized and walked a very little – just over a mile. By dinner time I was quite full because of the psyllium husks, dried cherries & raisins etc. that I’d eaten mid-afternoon, so I cut back on dinner quite a bit.


Breakfast: No-oats cereal (with added whole flaxseeds and a dollop of Greek yoghurt)


Lunch: Carrot – pumpkin soup with a turkey leg and some sauerkraut


Dinner: Carrot-pumpkin soup with gf bread – no picture for this, just look above and replace the turkey & sauerkraut with 2 mini slices of home-made cheaty buckwheat sourdough bread

Snacks: 4.5 tons of dried fruit, fresh fruit & linseed-based gf bars purchased at the Borough Market (I bought 5 on Saturday, uh, they’re all gone Sad smile )

Weight this morning: 161.25lbs

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