Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Go me!

I slept badly last night, but was determined not to stop training the very second day, so I mainlined caffeine till had enough energy and not only did my 40 mins ellipticizing, but felt stronger and worked harder than I did yesterday. Might also have been because I was watching an episode of NCIS:LA, where yesterday it was a CSI:NY – more thinking, less action to get my legs pumping!!!

Yesterday we got agreement to buy an apartment in Reading. I haven’t lived in an apartment since Dallas, so this is going to be a big adjustment for me and I’m going to have to sell off loads of stuff. We’re months away from actually moving, so what does it say about me that today I went into Reading – and checked out a local gym and a yoga studio that I’m thinking of joining? I choose to feel it shows motivation and determination… I walked maybe 4 miles in total on top of the training, and got home for lunch almost an hour later than usual (so proud of myself for walking past 2 fish & chip shops while starving!) and really tired – I guess the caffeine wore off just then? My feet hurt too, which I guess shows how little I was doing while I was feeling sub-par.

Food today:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with gf toast


Lunch: Roasted squash soup with most roasted squash and gf bread


Dinner: GF Fake ‘Nandos’ – oven chips, gf roll, grilled halloumi & portobello mushroom marinated with garlic peri peri sauce, and coleslaw


Snacks: 3 minute chocolate-pumpkin muffin;  clementine

Weight: 161 lbs

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  1. Glad you are feeling better - Hope that the apartment works out OK I must admit I couldn't survive without a garden or at the very least a large balcony.