Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 3

Day 3 was another hard one. I trained in the morning, walked into town a couple of times, and then in the afternoon went into Maidenhead for a short exploratory visit, and walked around 4.5 miles in total. (I wasn’t hugely impressed with Maidenhead, though I liked the Clock Tower by the train station, but all I saw was the area immediately around the station, including the Nicholson Shopping Mall, and it was very cold, windy and intermittently raining, so I admit I wasn’t seeing it at its best. Plus I was a little sad to be buying some cheapish jeans in a larger size than I like just to be comfortable while I get the weight off)

Not a great deal of walking, but I felt quite giddy on the way home, and though I realise I’m not remotely over-training or under-eating I do think it’s possible I haven’t let my body readjust to both more intense training and lower calories / refined carbs quite enough! It made me snacky again, though I did try to choose my snacks wisely… after the feeling giddy thing I opened a big bag of sultanas and had a couple of small clumps, then reluctantly threw away the rest because I sensed a binge coming on… apart from that I snacked for protein.

Food on the 4th:

Breakfast: Oatbran with berries, soy milk, ground flaxseeds & vanilla whey


Lunch: Spinach soup & a flatbread again – only one portion left though! I do wonder if this is simply too small a lunch, at only 91 cals for the flatbread and 73 for the soup


Dinner: I defrosted a portion of turkey gumbo made god knows when, and had it with grilled broccoli & asparagus


Snacks: Bounce almond protein ball, roast turkey breast, Greek yoghurt with berries; extra Greek yoghurt at midnight because I was so hungry that, combined with the noise from the wind, I couldn’t sleep.

Weight this morning: 161.5 lbs

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