Sunday, 8 January 2012

Catch up–Fri & Sat

On Friday my brother came to visit us! The three of us went out to my favourite Indian restaurant for lunch, then he and I took at 3 mile post-lunch walk (on top of about 3.5 miles I’d walked earlier in the day) so although it wasn’t a very diet-y day, it was an active one – plus my lunch choices were mostly OK! It was a really nice relaxing day, and then he stayed overnight and the two of us went into London yesterday and walked for MILES!!! So far in fact that when he suggested finishing off by walking from Tower Bridge to Paddington I dug my (aching) heels in and insisted we went on the tube (which was no fun so I regretted that to a degree. Too many people, and really warm) We then all 3 went out for dinner as I’d been so busy planning where to go in London I’d forgotten to organise anything to eat afterwards!

We walked from Paddington to the Borough Market in Southwark, detouring to walk around Hyde Park and to hit Victoria for a very early & basic lunch. I really liked the market but it was absolutely jam packed by the time we got there, so next time I go I think I’ll tube it out there and walk back later on. As it was so crowded I took no photos at the market, but here are some from the walk…


ETA : I just looked through these photos and realised they look like I took them on about 3 different days because the sky looks so different in a lot of them. I didn’t cheat, they were all taken yesterday by moi, with help from: The Sky over London

Food Friday:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, gf flatbread, and mushrooms dry-fried with fresh baby spinach


Lunch: Salmon tikka starter


Chicken shashlik main course


Orange sorbet


Dinner: Salad with a slice of defrosted GF lentil loaf



Breakfast: No-oat cereal with berries


Lunch: Omelette with hash browns


Dinner: Clam chowder starter


Chicken with marsala main course:


NO DESSERT (even though the men did!!!)

And we then went home and watched Thor, and I didn’t eat any popcorn with it while my brother & husband did!

Weight Saturday: 161.5lbs. Didn’t weight this morning as I’m constipated – and have been for days now

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  1. Not an enjoyable experience, constipation. Sauerkraut (the jar or tinned stuff) helps me (usually) so it might be worth a try.

    London day looked great fun.