Thursday, 22 December 2011

So much fooooood….

So, Wednesday was a big eating day, but I’m not bashing myself over it because it still fits within my new philosophy of letting the food take care of itself till the New Year!

Yesterday I wanted to go to Henley for some shopping I couldn’t get locally, but had to wait till I’d received an online Tesco order. I booked it between 10 and 12 hoping it would be early so of course it came about 11:30… Once I’d unpacked the bits that needed refrigeration / freezing I headed straight off for the train and was in Henley in time for lunch! I decided to take the suggestion offered a while back by Deniz, and try The Three Tuns.

After lunch I shopped, once again buying mostly booze (both to serve and to give as presents), and found myself loaded down so heavily that I really didn’t enjoy walking home from the train station one little bit. I do now have all I’m planning to buy though, so it was worth it I guess.

In the evening I actually proposed going out for dinner myself – I know! Weird! But I’ve spent a lot of time planning baking and cooking for Christmas and totally lost interest in doing it now… and in eating the healthy food that is all I now know how to cook! So we went out for a meal in a local Thai restaurant Winking smile

Exercise yesterday: 40 mins ellipticizing pre-breakfast; 2.4 miles walking to and from town (some of it heavily laden) plus an unknown amount of walking around Henley

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Spiced waffle with Greek yoghurt & flaxseeds


Lunch: Spicy roast vegetable soup (temperature-wise this wasn’t quite warm enough – but it was delicious)


And a butternut squash risotto with garlic & chilli oil – yum! The flavour of the squash was amazing and the occasion zing from the chilli-garlic oil added even more interest


Dinner: Chicken satay starter (forgot to photograph it)

Followed by Kaa Pad Prik (stir fried lamb with thai herbs & chilli) – we also split a portion of pad thai and some fried rice with eggs



Followed by a dessert of sponge (not gf – but that was the only gluten I ate), cream, chocolate sauce and big chunks of cinder toffee, which is one of the best ideas ever


Snacks: Protein bar; raisins; cooked chicken. And a gf breakfast muffin I made on my cookery course Sad smile

Not weighing till after Christmas, so no weight to report

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  1. Ooooh, the Three Tuns looks to have been 'made over' a wee bit since my time (when Jack was the landlord, with his wife Gillian in the kitchen), but it still looks quite nice - the risotto sounds great :-)

    Have a relaxing and peaceful Christmas and see you in 2012!