Sunday, 4 December 2011

Saturday out

We went into Reading on impulse yesterday. It was M’s idea; he’s suddenly developed much more of an interest in going out since we moved and he gained so many new fields to explore (not literally – he still isn’t a walker Winking smile)

We caught the train in the morning (such a short train ride – I’ll be doing that more often & exploring much more of Reading! btw, Deniz, I really appreciate your suggestions since I moved to this area – do you know anywhere good in Reading to walk and explore?) and wandered around the Oracle shopping centre till lunchtime; then we followed a recommendation from one of his colleagues and had a wonderful lunch at The London Street Brasserie, followed by watching Tintin 3D at the cinema across the road. We haven’t been to the cinema since we saw Avatar in 3D years ago! It was a great day out and although I once again overindulged at lunch (and ate some salty popcorn at the cinema) I made up for it slightly by not bothering to eat at dinner time because I just wasn’t hungry. Almost like an intuitive eater, except that then I probably wouldn’t have had so much lunch…


Breakfast: Pumpkin oats with plain whey, raisins and lots of cinnamon


Lunch: Seared divers scallops with cauliflower puree and watercress & lemon truffle vinaigrette


Followed by an 8oz fillet steak served with field mushrooms, confit tomatoes (which I admit to not being fussed about – other than in pasta sauces I’m much keener on raw fresh tomatoes than cooked, however expertly), garlic & herb butter, and more watercress


To which we added sharing sides of field mushrooms with lemon & garlic, and chips (best chips I ever had!)


Followed by…. orange & Grand Marnier soufflé with melted chocolate sauce!!!


Snacks: Fage 0% Greek yoghurt with tropical fruit – new to the range and I really liked it – before we went out; popcorn at the cinema

Weight: 155.5

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  1. Actually, part of intuitive eating IS overeating in some cases, should the food and company be good enough.

    Not following IE would have been to stuff in dinner and probably a snack as well, which is what I would have done.

    The only non-intuitive part of the post is the sense of guilt in relation to food - you're more intuitive than you give yourself credit for!