Saturday, 10 December 2011

Reading again and another (healthyish) meal out

Yep, we went into Reading for lunch & shopping again today. I wanted to get a ring re-sized, but they said it would take 4 weeks because of Christmas so I decided to take it back in the New Year instead. I also bought several sweater dresses, a ton bit of chocolate for Christmas from Hotel Chocolat, and then we went to Loch Fyne for lunch – love, love love!!! I’ve never enjoyed eating fish as much as I have since we moved here and found lots of restaurants that do it really well despite being miles and miles and miles from the sea!

After eating all that healthy fish (ignoring the butter and the few chips and the fact that it was three courses again) I decided to go for a walk when we got home. I headed off to explore a local garden centre that had a farm shop attached –and OMG it was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a range of GF goodies under one roof – even in health food shops! As it was just a reconnaissance mission I didn’t have my ruck sack so I confined myself to buying a single bottle of GF beer that I hadn’t tried before, but I will be going back!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with soy milk & LF olive oil spread on 2 slices gf bread, with melon on the side


Lunch: Starter: sashimi quality smoked salmon with rocket, soy sauce & wasabi


Whole baked sea bass with coriander and chilli butter, served with tenderstem broccoli, fennel, and a side order of samphire (plus 5 of M’s chips)



Mango and passion fruit sorbet – best sorbet I’ve ever had!


Dinner: Slow cooker sweetcorn chowder


Snacks: A little more melon and one chocolate, plus a cafe misto at Starbucks

Weight: 157

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  1. Your lunch is incredibly healthy! When you mentioned chips I thought you meant an actual portion, not just a few sneaky ones (which don't count anyway...) and other than that it's all lean protein and healthy fats - they can't have used THAT much butter in the sauce. Plus, chilli elevates metabolism ;)

    Oh, that sorbet looks divine! You're teasing me with the summery desserts when it's freezing cold outside here...