Friday, 9 December 2011

Plodding along

I plodded to Woodley today – about 5.5 miles round trip including exploring the town centre, so quite a good start on my ‘must walk more’ decision! Woodley is far from the most attractive place I’ve been to around here (no offence if you live there) but the town centre, though more functional than attractive, is quite functional indeed, with plenty of shops and banks and a Costa Coffee to let me reward myself for the outward walk! I hope to experiment with finding a more appealing walk to get there next time I go, as today I spent some time plodding along the A4 – noisy, smelly, not pretty…

The only half-way pretty picture from my walk… (notice it’s a grey and dismal day, so it could look a lot prettier!)


I’m still feeling quite calm at the moment food-wise with no particular desire to go nuts. I did have a treat on my walk, but that was partly down to needing to refuel & re-energise and partly because I have a problem with turning down appealing gluten free goodies – I have to buy them so that companies will see they need to keep providing them! I enjoyed it and have no regrets!

Food today:

Breakfast: Smoothie with berries, banana, mixed greens etc. topped with flaxseeds again


Lunch: The final helping of the bean soup, with 2 tiny slices of gf beer bread


Dinner: Basil tofu & salad   We went out for dinner again, and I forgot my camera again…. but I did pick the lightest options available

Starter: Rocket salad with parmesan shavings & croutons (that I left) drizzled with a gorgeous balsamic dressing

Main: Pork fillet medallions (very lean!) cooked in cider with a tiny hint of honey and served with garlic mash & veg

Dessert: (it was a Christmas menu, 3 courses for £22 so I had to have dessert!!!) Lemon sorbet

Snacks: Costa latte (skim milk) and a slice of GF Christmas cake;


Weight: 157.5

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1 comment:

  1. Well done for handling eating out so well :)

    I love sorbets, but for some reason they tend to hurt my teeth...raspberry and lemon are my favourites. And a teeny slice of GF xmas cake is totally justified - I know what you mean about wanting to let companies know that GF goods do have a customer base and are in demand. I used to buy all of the Mrs Crimbles GF bread from Waitrose but they still stopped stocking it. Grr.