Monday, 19 December 2011

New start #1,867,292,001…

I trained at 6 this morning before I could find a reason not to… I do feel good for it! I keep repeating myself on here, but I’ll say it again… why do I keep forgetting how much better I feel after a workout? Sigh. I guess I’m a really really really really slow learner. This time I want to make exercise a habit, the way it used to be, then it won’t matter what I forget to remember…

Training was followed by a bit of housework, some shopping, more housework and preparing another batch of gluten free sourdough bread based on the recipe from my GF cookery course.

No inclination to binge whatsoever…  yay!!!

Exercise today:  40 mins elliptical walker before breakfast!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: Oats with vanilla whey, blackberries, psyllium husks & chia seeds


Lunch: Soy mince, mixed bean stew stuffed in a courgette and baked, served with salad


Dinner: Slow cooker gumbo with a gf flatbread made with amaranth flour, otherwise following this recipe


Snacks: A small bag of dried apple ‘crisps’, a Greek yoghurt with defrosted summer fruits & flaxseeds; a protein shake made with decaf coffee

Weight: 160 lbs (I’m constipated – day 3 – and only have psyllium husks to help with that)

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  1. I'd give that gumbo a try. Sounds delicious!  ツ