Saturday, 24 December 2011

I baked on Thursday

And I baked evil… yet beautiful!!! Last week I used this formula to come up with a GF all purpose flour mix that I could just weigh and bake like a normal person using normal flour (scroll half way down for the flour mix – below the section about the muffins). Then I looked for a recipe that appealed to me enough to give it a show – and found this (not-gf) recipe for Black Sticky gingerbread….

To adapt it all I did was use an equal quantity of my mix (teff and buckwheat with a little amaranth and just a spoonful of hemp, plus tapioca & potato starch) instead of the plain flour and add a teaspoon of psyllium husk since for some reason that apparently helps with gf baking when you don’t want to use artificial gums. I had a smaller bundt pan than the recipe was originally designed for so I poured until the pan was 3/4 full, added 45g of chopped dates to the remaining batter, and made muffins as well

I didn’t ellipticize because I hurt myself a little bit with all the heavy backpacking, but I did manage 3 trips to town for more shopping so I wasn’t idle all day either!

I think it looks delicious…


and it tastes great too!

Food today:

Breakfast: melon medley & my homemade gf sourdough toast with Quark and jam


Lunch: It looks gross but tastes a bit better – use up the aging vegetables in the fridge soup


Dinner: Rocket salad


Lamb shank with garlic & parsley riceP1120704

Chocolate fudge cake, and no, its not GFP1120705

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