Saturday, 24 December 2011

Friday we went to Reading…

…To buy a last minute present. I fully expected it to be so maddening that we would turn around and catch the first train home again as soon as we had our gift, but in fact it didn’t get really annoying until practically lunchtime. We bought the gift in John Lewis (the first shop we tried – it was so easy and painless!) and then went into The Body Shop for a little splurge. We wandered around the town, got a Starbucks coffee, and killed the last half hour before lunch with a beer in Cafe Rouge. It was actually a really nice, relaxing morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As usual I failed to show any awareness of the theory of moderation in the restaurant we went to for lunch (The London Street Brasserie) and that, combined with a burgeoning cold and an aching back laid me up for most of the afternoon. I did find the energy to bake myself a few GF mince pies (I bought Mr Kipling's for the gluten-eaters) and a base for a tart I’ll be serving on Christmas Day – evening buffet. I also chopped a bunch of dried fruit and added a little brandy for the GF Christmas cake I plan to bake today, I’ll post a picture later of the finished cake


Food Friday:

Breakfast: GF toast with scrambled eggs


Lunch: Lobster, new potato & tarragon salad


Lemon sole fillets, seared diver scallops, lime & crème fraiche spinach, spiced tomato & cumin dressing


Warm fig & almond tart, fig syrup & almond ice cream


and M ordered some petit fours for us to try


Dinner: Nowt, nothing, nada.

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