Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 3 (or should that be Day 1 again)

Vegetarian day today as I’ve not had a totally meat free day for ages. In fact so long I’m not sure I remember how… I defrosted a couple of portions of soup to cover lunch and dinner, had a portion of lentil meatless loaf I intended to have for dinner yesterday, and decided that if I felt like snacking on cold meat again I would replace it with basil tofu instead.

I also decided to go for a long walk today as I’ve felt slightly restricted all week by the awareness of the package deliveries hanging over my head. I had a little bit of shopping to do, but I’m feeling that I haven’t spent enough time exploring the area so far as well. It was a grey grotty day today after a really nice day yesterday, so not very inspiring, but needs must when you want a walk & are now looking for another job to trap you inside an office all day every (week)day…

I hit the road early and headed up the A4 to Sonning, then came home via Charvil. I liked Sonning, but like a lot of villages it seemed to me that there were lots of nice houses – really old & really new (plus some that were really new and trying to look really old – a pet hate of mine!) and no real infrastructure to support them… I might just have missed it, but I didn’t see so much as a village shop. The distance I covered was at least 7 miles, but I think I probably added another mile in exploring and back-tracking along the way. No wonder my legs are aching – and my feet hurt – I haven’t walked that far for months!


I did surprise myself on the way back… I popped into Waitrose for a few things and was starving by then, having walked all that way on oats & melon – but when I looked at the snacks aisle I DIDN’T FANCY CHOCOLATE, OR SWEETS – OR EVEN CRISPS!!! Call the newspapers – that must qualify as earthshattering news!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: Overnight oats blah blah blah all gone now and I’ll be having something different tomorrow

Lunch: Vegetable & aduki bean soup with gf bread used to make a basil tofu sandwich.


Dinner: Roast pumpkin & pepper–coconut soup with a portion of lentil loaf as topping for a salad


Snacks: Alpro soya chocolate pudding; melon medley; hard boiled egg

Weight: 158.25

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  1. Ooooh, how I wish I could have come with you.

    BTW, Medmenham church is worth a look, if you find yourself over that way. A beautiful, peaceful place.