Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 2–confessions (already!!!)

I took a day off the elliptical yesterday and went for a walk instead. I only did maybe 3 miles total, but it was quite a nice morning so it was good to get out.

Struggled a bit not to spend the whole day snacking…. not entirely successfully… so I was easy prey when M mentioned going out for dinner instead of going for the healthy dinner I had planned (but didn’t really fancy)

My somewhat late parcel finally arrived yesterday, after I got back. It was a Magimix food processor to replace the one I’ve had for about 10 years, which is an older model. The bowls and lid were all showing their age and I decided to buy a new one rather than replace the accessories and then possibly have the motor go a year or two down the line. The new one is shiny and beautiful and should be capable of blending soups without sending the puree pouring all over the work surface through the cracks in the lid as the last one had started doing…

I will do better today…

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Overnight oats as yesterday (I made three portions up at once) but topped with flax seeds and a little fromage frais


Lunch: Baked potato filled with tinned tuna in tomato sauce, with salad


Dinner: Rocket & parmesan salad; sea bass fillet baked in foil (with garlic & chilli butter Embarrassed smile) served with fried crushed baby potatoes and vegetables; a continental waffle (not gf) topped with melted chocolate and cream Embarrassed smileEmbarrassed smileEmbarrassed smile

I forgot my camera so I can’t molest you with close up food porn

Snacks: Pumpkin 9 bar; Curly Wurly bar; some dried fruit & cold meat.

Supper: 1 laxative pill

Weight: 157.1lbs

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