Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Another new week–Monday

I’ve had an odd day today. Feeling restless and wanting to nibble but with no clue on what. So I’ve tried the odd mouthful of the odd thing and then not bothered going back for more because it wasn’t what I wanted.

Feeling restless (and being seriously disorganised shopping-wise) also had me walking into town twice for something to do, the first time going the long way around to visit the doctor I’ve just registered with so I don’t run out of the crazy meds  antidepressants (don’t go to the doctor on Monday if you can help it – the whole world gets sick / injured over the weekend and shows up at the surgery at 9am sharp) but at the same time I’ve been seriously lacking energy or the drive and oomph required to take myself out for a longer walk or into the gym for some more intensive exercise. Could be to do with TTOM I guess, or detoxing from some indulgence, or even, despite the love I have for living round here, a touch of homesickness creeping in (I do miss my favourite GSD, and haven’t yet made any new canine friends in this area).


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on gf toast


Lunch: Bean soup with a little gf bacon sandwich


Dinner: Tandoori tofu with cauliflower curry fried ‘rice’   Three course Thai meal to celebrate M getting an extension on his contract… (excuse the crap photos, it was too dark really – why do so many restaurants do that????)





Snacks: Pumpkin flavoured 9 bar; melon; Alpro soy pudding topped with ground flaxseeds and Greek yoghurt;


nut butter

Weight: 156

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