Sunday, 25 December 2011

My Christmas Walk–pretty pics!

With my father-in-law, after lunch, we headed off to walk off some of the lunch – and more importantly, the pre-lunch choccies!!!



Happy Christmas!

Have a good one everybody!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Friday we went to Reading…

…To buy a last minute present. I fully expected it to be so maddening that we would turn around and catch the first train home again as soon as we had our gift, but in fact it didn’t get really annoying until practically lunchtime. We bought the gift in John Lewis (the first shop we tried – it was so easy and painless!) and then went into The Body Shop for a little splurge. We wandered around the town, got a Starbucks coffee, and killed the last half hour before lunch with a beer in Cafe Rouge. It was actually a really nice, relaxing morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As usual I failed to show any awareness of the theory of moderation in the restaurant we went to for lunch (The London Street Brasserie) and that, combined with a burgeoning cold and an aching back laid me up for most of the afternoon. I did find the energy to bake myself a few GF mince pies (I bought Mr Kipling's for the gluten-eaters) and a base for a tart I’ll be serving on Christmas Day – evening buffet. I also chopped a bunch of dried fruit and added a little brandy for the GF Christmas cake I plan to bake today, I’ll post a picture later of the finished cake


Food Friday:

Breakfast: GF toast with scrambled eggs


Lunch: Lobster, new potato & tarragon salad


Lemon sole fillets, seared diver scallops, lime & crème fraiche spinach, spiced tomato & cumin dressing


Warm fig & almond tart, fig syrup & almond ice cream


and M ordered some petit fours for us to try


Dinner: Nowt, nothing, nada.

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I baked on Thursday

And I baked evil… yet beautiful!!! Last week I used this formula to come up with a GF all purpose flour mix that I could just weigh and bake like a normal person using normal flour (scroll half way down for the flour mix – below the section about the muffins). Then I looked for a recipe that appealed to me enough to give it a show – and found this (not-gf) recipe for Black Sticky gingerbread….

To adapt it all I did was use an equal quantity of my mix (teff and buckwheat with a little amaranth and just a spoonful of hemp, plus tapioca & potato starch) instead of the plain flour and add a teaspoon of psyllium husk since for some reason that apparently helps with gf baking when you don’t want to use artificial gums. I had a smaller bundt pan than the recipe was originally designed for so I poured until the pan was 3/4 full, added 45g of chopped dates to the remaining batter, and made muffins as well

I didn’t ellipticize because I hurt myself a little bit with all the heavy backpacking, but I did manage 3 trips to town for more shopping so I wasn’t idle all day either!

I think it looks delicious…


and it tastes great too!

Food today:

Breakfast: melon medley & my homemade gf sourdough toast with Quark and jam


Lunch: It looks gross but tastes a bit better – use up the aging vegetables in the fridge soup


Dinner: Rocket salad


Lamb shank with garlic & parsley riceP1120704

Chocolate fudge cake, and no, its not GFP1120705

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

So much fooooood….

So, Wednesday was a big eating day, but I’m not bashing myself over it because it still fits within my new philosophy of letting the food take care of itself till the New Year!

Yesterday I wanted to go to Henley for some shopping I couldn’t get locally, but had to wait till I’d received an online Tesco order. I booked it between 10 and 12 hoping it would be early so of course it came about 11:30… Once I’d unpacked the bits that needed refrigeration / freezing I headed straight off for the train and was in Henley in time for lunch! I decided to take the suggestion offered a while back by Deniz, and try The Three Tuns.

After lunch I shopped, once again buying mostly booze (both to serve and to give as presents), and found myself loaded down so heavily that I really didn’t enjoy walking home from the train station one little bit. I do now have all I’m planning to buy though, so it was worth it I guess.

In the evening I actually proposed going out for dinner myself – I know! Weird! But I’ve spent a lot of time planning baking and cooking for Christmas and totally lost interest in doing it now… and in eating the healthy food that is all I now know how to cook! So we went out for a meal in a local Thai restaurant Winking smile

Exercise yesterday: 40 mins ellipticizing pre-breakfast; 2.4 miles walking to and from town (some of it heavily laden) plus an unknown amount of walking around Henley

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Spiced waffle with Greek yoghurt & flaxseeds


Lunch: Spicy roast vegetable soup (temperature-wise this wasn’t quite warm enough – but it was delicious)


And a butternut squash risotto with garlic & chilli oil – yum! The flavour of the squash was amazing and the occasion zing from the chilli-garlic oil added even more interest


Dinner: Chicken satay starter (forgot to photograph it)

Followed by Kaa Pad Prik (stir fried lamb with thai herbs & chilli) – we also split a portion of pad thai and some fried rice with eggs



Followed by a dessert of sponge (not gf – but that was the only gluten I ate), cream, chocolate sauce and big chunks of cinder toffee, which is one of the best ideas ever


Snacks: Protein bar; raisins; cooked chicken. And a gf breakfast muffin I made on my cookery course Sad smile

Not weighing till after Christmas, so no weight to report

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Day 2

Exercise today: 40 minutes on the elliptical walker (woke up groggy from taking an OTC sleep aid and really didn’t want to) before breakfast; 5 trips into town (total 5 miles, possibly a little more) to buy Christmas booze therefore very heavy rucksack on the return trips…

We went out for dinner again, to the best Indian restaurant in the town of Twyford – slightly unfortunately named the Gaylord Tandoori. There are 3 Indian restaurants in this town, and this one is hands down the best yet weirdly always empty, so the service is great too!

Food today:

Breakfast: Chicken sandwich made with a Dukan oat bran galette and a grilled chicken breast


Lunch: Rump steak with salad


Dinner: 3 course Indian meal

Starter: Shimla Mirch (red pepper stuffed with spiced lamb mince & roasted)


Handi Gosht (hot and spicy lamb curry) with lemon rice


Venus (chocolate & vanilla ice-cream and raspberry sauce)


Snacks: Ham; hard boiled egg; Greek yoghurt sprinkled with cinnamon; raisins

Weight: 159.2lbs

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Monday, 19 December 2011

New start #1,867,292,001…

I trained at 6 this morning before I could find a reason not to… I do feel good for it! I keep repeating myself on here, but I’ll say it again… why do I keep forgetting how much better I feel after a workout? Sigh. I guess I’m a really really really really slow learner. This time I want to make exercise a habit, the way it used to be, then it won’t matter what I forget to remember…

Training was followed by a bit of housework, some shopping, more housework and preparing another batch of gluten free sourdough bread based on the recipe from my GF cookery course.

No inclination to binge whatsoever…  yay!!!

Exercise today:  40 mins elliptical walker before breakfast!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: Oats with vanilla whey, blackberries, psyllium husks & chia seeds


Lunch: Soy mince, mixed bean stew stuffed in a courgette and baked, served with salad


Dinner: Slow cooker gumbo with a gf flatbread made with amaranth flour, otherwise following this recipe


Snacks: A small bag of dried apple ‘crisps’, a Greek yoghurt with defrosted summer fruits & flaxseeds; a protein shake made with decaf coffee

Weight: 160 lbs (I’m constipated – day 3 – and only have psyllium husks to help with that)

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