Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 1 for real

So, yesterday didn’t entirely go to plan, but now that almost none of my jeans fit me with any space for oxygen flow / blood flow I am absolutely determined that today really is the first day of getting back to normal. You will see that I weighed myself this morning despite being constipated and having eaten out last night – I was going to try to wait longer but changed my mind because I need to track results properly or I won’t know if I’m getting any…

Today I should have been getting some deliveries, so was stuck in all day. Whereas in Wales I often got deliveries reasonably early, here we seem to be on the end of the delivery routes, so that can be annoying / frustrating… especially when, as today, you’re expecting 2 packages and only one shows up.

As I didn’t expect to get any decent walking in today I trained on the walker again. It was harder work than it used to be so I do feel like its a better workout for me than it was before I took several weeks off!

In the absence of any good photos taken today, here are some taken on a recent visit (walked!) to Henley on Thames, one of my new favourite places to go!


Food today:

Breakfast: Overnight oats & oatbran with vanilla soy milk, plain whey and dried apple


Lunch: Vegetable & chicken soup with some home-made gf beer bread (the multi-coloured bits in the middle are sautéed red onions & walnuts that were spread over the raw dough and then rolled up inside it)


Dinner: Slow cooked beef (pot roasted in garlic beer with some leftover tomato & chilli pasta sauce) with vegetables


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with microwaved blueberries & flaxseeds


Melon; edamame beans; dried fruit; Alpro soya dark chocolate pudding

Weight: 160.4lbs Steaming mad

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  1. Ooooh, Henley. One of my favourite places (I used to live there, just on the outskirts). I don't know if the Three Tuns is still as good/friendly/etc. as it was, but might be worth a look.

    Good on you for getting back in the saddle - hard to do but worth it. As ever your meals look delicious, especially the soup.