Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Day 0.5

Of back to reality…

I managed to start the day off well with 40 mins on the walker and a healthy breakfast!

Continuing on a good theme, I then went for a small walk…

And though I ate a few extra bites here and there it was all fruit and plain meat…

Then M came home from work and everything went wrong (diet-wise)

Food today:

Breakfast: (forgot the photo!) A porridge of GF oats & oatbran made with soy milk, and with raisins, dried apple & cinnamon added plus a little whey protein powder.

Lunch: Home-made soup – roasted acorn squash and peppers with coconut milk and leeks, and a little gf brioche spread with low sugar jam


Dinner: Aubergine skins topped with a wonderfully zingy, tomatoey vegetarian concoction


Followed by Malabar sea bass (topped with masses of spicy spinach) and some cauliflower bhaji (which I forgot to photograph until I was on my third helping…)


Snacks: Melon medley; ham; dried apple; Greek yoghurt with stewed rhubarb

Weight: Haven’t started weighing myself yet, but will do in a couple of days

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