Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well, I’m feeling happier food-wise but not so much weight-wise since giving up on the Dukan diet. I know I can expect a slight water retention ‘bounce’ through reintroducing carbs and it certainly didn’t stop me losing the bulk of my weight all those years ago so I’m trying to stay positive (or what passes for positive in my pessimistic little world!). It helps that I am so enjoying eating fruit and veg again!

Exercise yesterday consisted of a cool, very slightly damp walk into town with loaded rucksack, 3 chin ups (holy crap they still got harder than before) and 3 sets of press ups, totalling 68 across the day. I can slightly feel that today…

Food Tuesday:

Breakfast: Fauxtmeal with Greek yoghurt and frozen forest fruits – really (slightly surprisingly) good!


Lunch: Chunky vegetable soup with a sandwich made of the last oat bran galette from my last batch and some grilled veggies


Dinner: Prawns, salad, squash ‘fries’ and asparagus


Snacks: SF jelly, Greek yoghurt with honey, a slice of ostrich egg frittata,


dried cranberries and a little PB

Weight: 154.4

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  1. You say you have given up the Dukan but your menu looks not too far off the mark. I am still battling on with it though I have to be honest when I say that I have found it very easy to follow and have never been hungry. I thought I would miss the carbs terribly but that has not been the case the galettes have filled the gap well and oat bran porridge is not too bad if a bit gritty