Sunday, 9 October 2011


On Friday, as I had a PP day again, I was really tired and lacking energy from lunchtime on. So yesterday I decided that was down to no / very few carbs for several days plus more exercise than recommended on PP days, and I declared yesterday a diet- and exercise- free day. Of course I did my best to undo the good I’d been doing with chocolate, pizza (not gf) and other bad stuff, but I do feel better today so maybe it was worth it… I actually did have a diet-friendly breakfast & lunch, it was the snacks and dinner that let me down proved too much for me.

Today I decided to go back to what makes me happy(er) –calorie counting, loads of veggies and salads, vegetarian meals if I want them. I feel fairly sure that I’ll change my mind again fairly soon, but hey – my body won’t have the time to figure out whether its feast, famine, or something in between… So today I’m eating like I just don’t give a crap, tomorrow I start over again again…

Food today:

Breakfast: Duck egg, chicken & bacon frittata (the bacon was a joint I slow cooked in diet coke, and really salty) with mushrooms


Lunch: Vegetable soup and a chicken sandwich made with Dukan bread I made yesterday (replacing the wheat bran with an extra teaspoon of oat bran) before making my decision, followed by a SF jelly


Dinner: Minted lamb shank with broccoli & cauliflower mash, green beans and carrots


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with rhubarb; raisins; 9 bars because I want them all gone. And I won’t be buying more…

Weight today: 156 lbs (but as I said, bulk of food, sugar and lots of salt yesterday – I didn’t eat enough calories to genuinely gain those lbs back)

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