Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sun is back–and a Swan Whisperer

Its a glorious sunny day today – but the temperature’s dropped about 10 degrees since Tuesday and there is a cold wind as well, so its finally feeling like autumn here. I think it must have rained half the night too, as the ground is finally feeling wet after a summer where the wetlands near us (remember my photos of the appearing/disappearing lake full of ducks, swans & geese from last year and the year before?) didn’t flood once.

On the subject of wild birds, as I was walking back from Caldicot today I met a rather anxious lady who was out walking her two dogs & her husband Winking smile There’s a small pond in the ground of Caldicot castle where a pair of swans & their 7 cygnets have been living. To protect the swans (and the ducks, coots & moor hens that share the pond) from off-leash dogs the council put up a fence around the pond and tacked wire netting inside it as well, leaving 2 gates to allow people to walk through, sit by the pond etc. One of the cygnets had found its way out of the enclosure and the gate had closed behind it, so it was getting very agitated trying to get back through the fence and catching its neck on the wire netting. The husband of this lady had been unsuccessfully trying to get it back through the gate, and I went to see if I could help by opening the gate and holding it while he chased the cygnet. The poor thing was clearly sick of being chased by him and had started hissing and threatening him so after a couple of minutes he gave up. I stuck around just holding the gate open and encouraging the cygnet to go through while not chasing it (partly because I didn’t want to scare it, partly because I didn’t want to get attacked by it, and partly because the gate wouldn’t stay open on its own.) Anyway, long story short (I know, too late!!!) eventually the swan noticed the (gate) massive gap in the fence (far bigger than the gaps it had been trying to climb through between the rails) and got back into the enclosure with the rest of its family. I shut the gate behind it and hopefully it will have learnt its lesson. Everybody say aaah….

After my lunch I did a 40 min elliptical session. Doubling up is never not always easy at the best of times, but does feel harder on a super low carb diet. Not sure how long this Dukan thing is going to last… Still, I made it though I did need to turn the resistance down towards the end (and it wasn’t that high to start with…) so I’m glad I pushed myself a bit. Except afterwards I was STARVING

Food today:

Breakfast: Oat ban galette with quark and smoked salmon


Lunch: Tofu marinated overnight in Dijon mustard and thyme then grilled with asparagus – plus a couple of home-grown tomatoes


Dinner: Chicken marinated in Greek yoghurt and tandoori spices with a mixed salad, including a few more home-grown tomatoes. Look how many I have! And a similar amount has already been roasted & turned into a pasta sauce, with another lot given to our neighbours by my Mum’s OH while we were on holiday – and about the same again still on the (3) plants in the garden!



Snacks: Greek yoghurt; a hard-boiled duck egg with celery salt left over from my pack of quail’s eggs earlier in the week;


a pack of prawns as a post-training snack; and a cottage cheese (no nut) version of these ricotta cheese puffs (I added a few goji berries to each as they are tolerated on Dukan)


and a packet of wafer thin ham turned into crisps by baking it in the oven, just to tide me over until dinner time…


Weight 153.5 lbs

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  1. Awww! That swan story is just adorable :)

    The Dukan diet is pretty much at odds with my own - great if it works for weight loss but if I had to choose I think I'd probably rather do the whole Master Cleanse maple syrup lark. Not that I'd have the willpower to stick at either. I would be knackered trying to train with so few carbs, and then there's the whole ketosis problem. I would be very surprised if anyone could make that lifestyle sustainable - even Paleo seems more do-able. I've been around some hardcore dieters at the gym for ages and no-one that's had a go at it has stuck at Dukan for as long as you have.