Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Monday recap

Yesterday my Mum & her OH came to visit, hence the lack of post last night. We had a great day, lots of chatting, laughing, catching up… I made her look at showed her some holiday photos and gave her some post holiday giftlets and we went out to lunch… the only let down was the weather, strong cold winds and light drizzle stopped us going out for a walk.

Because of the visit I didn’t train yesterday apart from doing 20 press up and 3 chin ups before they got here. Because I’m still heavier than I was (of course) the chin ups were a bastard!!! Motivation to stick to the diet – reduce the weight being hauled up by my arms!!!

I also finished off my assignments for the OU course and submitted them. Ever since clicking the ‘Submit’ button I’ve been thinking of ways that I could have done them better… ah well, given how behind I got while stewing in my own depressed juices not doing any work on them, I’m just glad to have managed to do them at all, I may or may not have passed or done myself justice but not doing them would’ve guaranteed failure…

Food Monday:

Breakfast: Overnight oats (well, half an hour soaked oats really) made with GF muesli and skim milk then topped with Greek yoghurt & stewed rhubarb


Lunch: Rare rump steak with new potatoes (I turned down chips and jacket potato), mushrooms and peas (and I gave away my onion rings). I forgot my camera and the photo I took with my phone is so dark you can hardly tell there’s a table, much less a plate, much less any food on it… so you’ll just have to use your imagination!

Dinner: Chunky home-made chicken & vegetable soup with a last piece of Dukan bread


Snacks: One chocolate, a mini babybel and some honeydew melon

Weight: 157.25 (I know – but despite eating ALL weekend, I do know that’s not real weight!)

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