Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday again

Today was a protein & veg day – intended to be pure protein at first, but I really wanted some kind of vegetable! I’m finding it less satisfying being on the diet this time, I think because first time round I was already on a healthy-ish (bingeing excluded) diet with lower carbs before I started whereas this time I’ve jumped in there after 3 weeks of almost constant indulgence. I have been hungry quite a bit. I’m hoping I’ll adapt soon…

This afternoon I walked into town for some shopping. It was baking hot as I tramped across wide open fields with no shade at all – I drank half a litre of water in 5 minutes on the way back and still felt thirsty!

Happily my stomach is doing better today. Unhappily I have a mouth ulcer inside my front lip and its TOTM. Grrr. I guess I can’t blame over-indulging on holiday for the women’s stuff, but I choose to add the mouth ulcer to the list of things that happened because I was a complete pig. Over and over and over again….

Food today:

Breakfast: Smoked trout, poached eggs & LF bacon. The smoked trout was delicious!


Lunch: Dukan-compliant burgers – lean beef with a little onion, spices, and an oat bran gallette used as filler (thanks for that idea, dianeuk – until I read about your meat ball idea this truthfully didn’t occur to me!)


Dinner:Left over salmon from our last barbecue with grilled asparagus and quail’s eggs


Snacks: Fromage frais, Greek yoghurt, prawns & some mango that is definitely not on Dukan’s list of foods but did need eating up

Weight: 155 lbs

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