Friday, 21 October 2011

I know how to do this…

So why can’t I do it this time?

1) When maintaining I got used to more calories and snacks etc. that I want to keep eating

2) When I did it first time around I was less efficient at training in the ways I’m still training, but benefitting less from

3) I was younger last time round

4) I hadn’t had a few years to get sick of constantly watching what I eat

5) I was eating gluten – which made it easier to find very low cal snacks and include bread in my diet

6) I still half thought that getting to my target weight would be like a big life changing event rather than just the point at which I carried on doing the same things in every respect apart from eating a few more calories

7) I wasn’t inclined to binge

8) I was more unhappy with my body

9) I wasn’t as depressed – didn’t need meds, wasn’t as hard on myself when I screwed up

10) I wasn’t looking for a quick fix, jumping from one diet to another to another

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  1. It sounds to me as if you are giving yourself a very hard time - perhaps you should give yourself a week or two off - stay away from the scales and health food and just do something completely different. Take up a new interest perhaps go hang gliding or fishing. At the end of the day your happiness is the most important thing and to hell with diets and exercise, try being an eccentric and wear a purple hat. When you reach 18 stone then you have failed....

  2. I think Dianeuk just gave you some really great advice.

    Yes indeed, you know 'how' to do this, but so much of the process is mind games and sometimes our minds just plain act stubborn! You have to be in the right mindset to make it work for you, and right now that isn't the case.

    It will come out right for you again, so in the meanwhile give yourself a break from the stress of it. Take time out to accept and enjoy where you are right now - you've come a long way so just think about the great changes you've already made.

    When you are ready (and only 'when') then start afresh. You'll be in a different mental landscape by then and the view may look less troublesome from there.

    Take care of 'you' first, then worry about the rest of it.

  3. Moving house is very stressful so be kind to yourself concentrate on that and forget the diet once you are settled in your new house then you can start again. It really doesn't matter. If you want to make your life easy have a look at the rules of the Harcombe diet just don't eat carb with fat basically. This is the direction I am headed for the last few pounds which are always difficult to shift. Take long walks in country for pleasure not as exercise and take some nice photos for us to see before your leave....