Monday, 3 October 2011

Halifax N.S. & The Ten Best Tour

Last time we visited Halifax it was cool, grey & drizzly. We did a city tour which involved staying firmly on the bus apart from a brewery tour (which was excellent) but the main memories I had of it were the weather and the beer. This time round we did a ‘Ten Best things to do in Halifax’ tour which included a visit to the famous Peggy’s Cove (beautiful and such a sunny day but OMG such a strong cold wind arrggh)


And a visit to the biggest cemetery containing the graves of the victims of the Titanic sinking


It was a great trip, and a really nice day. One the way back to the ship the bus just stopped in a traffic jam. Then, after the driver tried to restart it for about 15 minutes it started again to take us up to the citadel (this was our final photo-stop). I didn’t get off the bus there – until, as we were about to start back down  it refused to start again and we had to transfer buses to get back to the ship in time for dinner. It was a 7 hour long trip I think – a long one anyway, because Peggy’s Cove is a fair drive from Halifax itself.

Food today:

Breakfast: Do I need to say it?

Lunch: Can’t even remember, I’m sure it was unhealthy and rushed… I didn’t take any pictures

Dinner: A large multi-course meal in the ship’s Specialty restaurant, for which passengers have to pay a $40 pp cover charge (all other food being included)

The pictures are dreadful because, like too many restaurants, it was really dark. I always wonder if they’re trying to hide something when they do that, don’t you???


I usually try to photograph the menu as an aide-memoire but failed this time. I know the amuse bouche (at the top) was a smoked salmon mousse and the dessert was a wonderful Grand Marnier soufflĂ©. See, this is why I come down hard on myself when I over-indulge on holiday. This meal probably had enough calories for 3 adults, and I barely remember the food…. Steaming mad so how can I claim it was worth it????

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