Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday–PP day

Today I walked to a local garden centre that has quite a good farm shop attached to it, looking for sources of protein less boring than the ones I generally ate.

I bought an ostrich egg…. it weighs 3.25 LBS. Yes, LBS.

Apparently an egg this size should feed 36-odd people. Lots of egg…


At first I planned to hard boil it because that would look really impressive… I’m hungry, have a slice of egg then… but according to Aldo Zilli that can make a tough egg (it would take a couple of hours to boil through) and that would be a waste of a £12 egg – so I’m going to try scrambling some and frittata-ing some, to make a less visually impressive but probably tastier feast!

It was quite a nice walk, no weight in the rucksack on the way out but its a hilly enough walk not to mind. It was mostly along poorly maintained tarmac lanes, with a couple of fields towards the end (and a few cowpats hidden in the grass Sad smile)  I flushed a rabbit out of a tuft of long grass 8 inches in front of me too – gave that bunny quite the shock from the way it headed for the hills!

Food today:

Breakfast: Oat bran galette with poached (hen) eggs and bacon


Lunch: Prawns & cockles followed by a couple of un-pictured seafood sticks & a babybel lite


Dinner: Venison rump steak (from the aforementioned farm shop – and absolutely delicious) & chicken leg


Snacks: Greek yoghurt; fromage frais with stewed rhubarb


Weight: 152.1 lbs

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