Friday, 21 October 2011

I know how to do this…

So why can’t I do it this time?

1) When maintaining I got used to more calories and snacks etc. that I want to keep eating

2) When I did it first time around I was less efficient at training in the ways I’m still training, but benefitting less from

3) I was younger last time round

4) I hadn’t had a few years to get sick of constantly watching what I eat

5) I was eating gluten – which made it easier to find very low cal snacks and include bread in my diet

6) I still half thought that getting to my target weight would be like a big life changing event rather than just the point at which I carried on doing the same things in every respect apart from eating a few more calories

7) I wasn’t inclined to binge

8) I was more unhappy with my body

9) I wasn’t as depressed – didn’t need meds, wasn’t as hard on myself when I screwed up

10) I wasn’t looking for a quick fix, jumping from one diet to another to another

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well, I’m feeling happier food-wise but not so much weight-wise since giving up on the Dukan diet. I know I can expect a slight water retention ‘bounce’ through reintroducing carbs and it certainly didn’t stop me losing the bulk of my weight all those years ago so I’m trying to stay positive (or what passes for positive in my pessimistic little world!). It helps that I am so enjoying eating fruit and veg again!

Exercise yesterday consisted of a cool, very slightly damp walk into town with loaded rucksack, 3 chin ups (holy crap they still got harder than before) and 3 sets of press ups, totalling 68 across the day. I can slightly feel that today…

Food Tuesday:

Breakfast: Fauxtmeal with Greek yoghurt and frozen forest fruits – really (slightly surprisingly) good!


Lunch: Chunky vegetable soup with a sandwich made of the last oat bran galette from my last batch and some grilled veggies


Dinner: Prawns, salad, squash ‘fries’ and asparagus


Snacks: SF jelly, Greek yoghurt with honey, a slice of ostrich egg frittata,


dried cranberries and a little PB

Weight: 154.4

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Monday recap

Yesterday my Mum & her OH came to visit, hence the lack of post last night. We had a great day, lots of chatting, laughing, catching up… I made her look at showed her some holiday photos and gave her some post holiday giftlets and we went out to lunch… the only let down was the weather, strong cold winds and light drizzle stopped us going out for a walk.

Because of the visit I didn’t train yesterday apart from doing 20 press up and 3 chin ups before they got here. Because I’m still heavier than I was (of course) the chin ups were a bastard!!! Motivation to stick to the diet – reduce the weight being hauled up by my arms!!!

I also finished off my assignments for the OU course and submitted them. Ever since clicking the ‘Submit’ button I’ve been thinking of ways that I could have done them better… ah well, given how behind I got while stewing in my own depressed juices not doing any work on them, I’m just glad to have managed to do them at all, I may or may not have passed or done myself justice but not doing them would’ve guaranteed failure…

Food Monday:

Breakfast: Overnight oats (well, half an hour soaked oats really) made with GF muesli and skim milk then topped with Greek yoghurt & stewed rhubarb


Lunch: Rare rump steak with new potatoes (I turned down chips and jacket potato), mushrooms and peas (and I gave away my onion rings). I forgot my camera and the photo I took with my phone is so dark you can hardly tell there’s a table, much less a plate, much less any food on it… so you’ll just have to use your imagination!

Dinner: Chunky home-made chicken & vegetable soup with a last piece of Dukan bread


Snacks: One chocolate, a mini babybel and some honeydew melon

Weight: 157.25 (I know – but despite eating ALL weekend, I do know that’s not real weight!)

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Sunday, 9 October 2011


On Friday, as I had a PP day again, I was really tired and lacking energy from lunchtime on. So yesterday I decided that was down to no / very few carbs for several days plus more exercise than recommended on PP days, and I declared yesterday a diet- and exercise- free day. Of course I did my best to undo the good I’d been doing with chocolate, pizza (not gf) and other bad stuff, but I do feel better today so maybe it was worth it… I actually did have a diet-friendly breakfast & lunch, it was the snacks and dinner that let me down proved too much for me.

Today I decided to go back to what makes me happy(er) –calorie counting, loads of veggies and salads, vegetarian meals if I want them. I feel fairly sure that I’ll change my mind again fairly soon, but hey – my body won’t have the time to figure out whether its feast, famine, or something in between… So today I’m eating like I just don’t give a crap, tomorrow I start over again again…

Food today:

Breakfast: Duck egg, chicken & bacon frittata (the bacon was a joint I slow cooked in diet coke, and really salty) with mushrooms


Lunch: Vegetable soup and a chicken sandwich made with Dukan bread I made yesterday (replacing the wheat bran with an extra teaspoon of oat bran) before making my decision, followed by a SF jelly


Dinner: Minted lamb shank with broccoli & cauliflower mash, green beans and carrots


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with rhubarb; raisins; 9 bars because I want them all gone. And I won’t be buying more…

Weight today: 156 lbs (but as I said, bulk of food, sugar and lots of salt yesterday – I didn’t eat enough calories to genuinely gain those lbs back)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday–PP day

Today I walked to a local garden centre that has quite a good farm shop attached to it, looking for sources of protein less boring than the ones I generally ate.

I bought an ostrich egg…. it weighs 3.25 LBS. Yes, LBS.

Apparently an egg this size should feed 36-odd people. Lots of egg…


At first I planned to hard boil it because that would look really impressive… I’m hungry, have a slice of egg then… but according to Aldo Zilli that can make a tough egg (it would take a couple of hours to boil through) and that would be a waste of a £12 egg – so I’m going to try scrambling some and frittata-ing some, to make a less visually impressive but probably tastier feast!

It was quite a nice walk, no weight in the rucksack on the way out but its a hilly enough walk not to mind. It was mostly along poorly maintained tarmac lanes, with a couple of fields towards the end (and a few cowpats hidden in the grass Sad smile)  I flushed a rabbit out of a tuft of long grass 8 inches in front of me too – gave that bunny quite the shock from the way it headed for the hills!

Food today:

Breakfast: Oat bran galette with poached (hen) eggs and bacon


Lunch: Prawns & cockles followed by a couple of un-pictured seafood sticks & a babybel lite


Dinner: Venison rump steak (from the aforementioned farm shop – and absolutely delicious) & chicken leg


Snacks: Greek yoghurt; fromage frais with stewed rhubarb


Weight: 152.1 lbs

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sun is back–and a Swan Whisperer

Its a glorious sunny day today – but the temperature’s dropped about 10 degrees since Tuesday and there is a cold wind as well, so its finally feeling like autumn here. I think it must have rained half the night too, as the ground is finally feeling wet after a summer where the wetlands near us (remember my photos of the appearing/disappearing lake full of ducks, swans & geese from last year and the year before?) didn’t flood once.

On the subject of wild birds, as I was walking back from Caldicot today I met a rather anxious lady who was out walking her two dogs & her husband Winking smile There’s a small pond in the ground of Caldicot castle where a pair of swans & their 7 cygnets have been living. To protect the swans (and the ducks, coots & moor hens that share the pond) from off-leash dogs the council put up a fence around the pond and tacked wire netting inside it as well, leaving 2 gates to allow people to walk through, sit by the pond etc. One of the cygnets had found its way out of the enclosure and the gate had closed behind it, so it was getting very agitated trying to get back through the fence and catching its neck on the wire netting. The husband of this lady had been unsuccessfully trying to get it back through the gate, and I went to see if I could help by opening the gate and holding it while he chased the cygnet. The poor thing was clearly sick of being chased by him and had started hissing and threatening him so after a couple of minutes he gave up. I stuck around just holding the gate open and encouraging the cygnet to go through while not chasing it (partly because I didn’t want to scare it, partly because I didn’t want to get attacked by it, and partly because the gate wouldn’t stay open on its own.) Anyway, long story short (I know, too late!!!) eventually the swan noticed the (gate) massive gap in the fence (far bigger than the gaps it had been trying to climb through between the rails) and got back into the enclosure with the rest of its family. I shut the gate behind it and hopefully it will have learnt its lesson. Everybody say aaah….

After my lunch I did a 40 min elliptical session. Doubling up is never not always easy at the best of times, but does feel harder on a super low carb diet. Not sure how long this Dukan thing is going to last… Still, I made it though I did need to turn the resistance down towards the end (and it wasn’t that high to start with…) so I’m glad I pushed myself a bit. Except afterwards I was STARVING

Food today:

Breakfast: Oat ban galette with quark and smoked salmon


Lunch: Tofu marinated overnight in Dijon mustard and thyme then grilled with asparagus – plus a couple of home-grown tomatoes


Dinner: Chicken marinated in Greek yoghurt and tandoori spices with a mixed salad, including a few more home-grown tomatoes. Look how many I have! And a similar amount has already been roasted & turned into a pasta sauce, with another lot given to our neighbours by my Mum’s OH while we were on holiday – and about the same again still on the (3) plants in the garden!



Snacks: Greek yoghurt; a hard-boiled duck egg with celery salt left over from my pack of quail’s eggs earlier in the week;


a pack of prawns as a post-training snack; and a cottage cheese (no nut) version of these ricotta cheese puffs (I added a few goji berries to each as they are tolerated on Dukan)


and a packet of wafer thin ham turned into crisps by baking it in the oven, just to tide me over until dinner time…


Weight 153.5 lbs

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday ramblings

I have not left the house today – no walking, no shopping, lots of looking out the window to frown at the grey skies / drizzle…

I have stuck to the diet completely so far and think I might make it all the way going to bed ASAP and possibly tying myself to the bed… wait, that didn’t come out right…

Exercise today: A dvd of yogalates – 2 workouts in total, both 40 minutes long. I didn’t feel as good while I was training as I do when I’m doing cardio, but it was the shortest 80 minutes I’ve spent training for a while so I shall try to do it again! It didn’t feel as energising as it was described by the presenter / coach (whatever you call them) lady, but it was relaxing and at times made my arms shake due to the resistance band kicking my ass!

Food today:

Breakfast: Cheesecake oat bran galette (galette topped with a mixture of cottage cheese, quark, almond extract & splenda thinned slightly with a few drops of skimmed milk & further topped with stewed rhubarb – and yes – I do know what a horrible colour the rhubarb is Winking smile) followed by a scrambled duck egg with smoked salmon


Lunch: Shirataki noodles stir fried with a very tiny bit of ginger, garlic, chilli, soy sauce & onion, with chicken breast & tofu – surprisingly tasty


Dinner: 2 course dinner today

Starter: sautéed seafood medley


Main course: Kangaroo kebabs


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with 1/2tsp of linseeds and a sprinkle of cinnamon; mini babybel

Weight: STILL 155 lbs (too much salt yesterday? Hopefully……)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Plodding on

PP day today. I don’t much care for pure protein days, they don’t give me much scope for my cooking imagination (such as it is) – I tend to feel more inspired by a rainbow of colours and a range of textures and flavours that meat alone (or meat and fish) can’t really provide… sigh. If my weight doesn’t start shifting faster (what? Yes, I know I’ve only been doing this a couple of days!!!!) I may lose interest altogether and go veggie for a week instead, at least that way my taste buds are more satisfied. God, back on the wagon five minutes and already I’m looking for another wagon to jump onto…. I’m the same in the supermarket queues too Winking smile

Speaking of supermarkets, my only exercise today was a walk into town, though my rucksack was quite heavy and I was reminded of how much harder it is to walk up hills on uneven surfaces than to amble along city streets again. I have back ache now so either the bag was too heavy or I didn’t do a great job of distributing the weight properly – probably the latter. It was a lot cooler today, so it looks like the predicted break in the weather maybe about to happen…

Food today:

Breakfast: Oat bran galette, duck egg puff, LF bacon


Lunch: Prawns & Cockles followed by a sadly over-cooked Dukan vanilla egg custard


Dinner: Chicken breast smeared with quark and wrapped in LF wafer thin ham before being roasted – and some quail’s eggs because they’re cute and lovely.


Snacks: Greek yoghurt sprinkled with cinnamon; fromage frais with stewed rhubarb;


most of a pack of chicken breast slices

Weight 155lbs arrgghh

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Monday, 3 October 2011

Halifax N.S. & The Ten Best Tour

Last time we visited Halifax it was cool, grey & drizzly. We did a city tour which involved staying firmly on the bus apart from a brewery tour (which was excellent) but the main memories I had of it were the weather and the beer. This time round we did a ‘Ten Best things to do in Halifax’ tour which included a visit to the famous Peggy’s Cove (beautiful and such a sunny day but OMG such a strong cold wind arrggh)


And a visit to the biggest cemetery containing the graves of the victims of the Titanic sinking


It was a great trip, and a really nice day. One the way back to the ship the bus just stopped in a traffic jam. Then, after the driver tried to restart it for about 15 minutes it started again to take us up to the citadel (this was our final photo-stop). I didn’t get off the bus there – until, as we were about to start back down  it refused to start again and we had to transfer buses to get back to the ship in time for dinner. It was a 7 hour long trip I think – a long one anyway, because Peggy’s Cove is a fair drive from Halifax itself.

Food today:

Breakfast: Do I need to say it?

Lunch: Can’t even remember, I’m sure it was unhealthy and rushed… I didn’t take any pictures

Dinner: A large multi-course meal in the ship’s Specialty restaurant, for which passengers have to pay a $40 pp cover charge (all other food being included)

The pictures are dreadful because, like too many restaurants, it was really dark. I always wonder if they’re trying to hide something when they do that, don’t you???


I usually try to photograph the menu as an aide-memoire but failed this time. I know the amuse bouche (at the top) was a smoked salmon mousse and the dessert was a wonderful Grand Marnier soufflĂ©. See, this is why I come down hard on myself when I over-indulge on holiday. This meal probably had enough calories for 3 adults, and I barely remember the food…. Steaming mad so how can I claim it was worth it????

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