Friday, 30 September 2011

Traveling Days..

Were crap (diet-wise) on the way to our holiday.

We flew out on Sept 10th, to join the ship in Newark on the 11th. I binged all morning the 10th before we drove to Heathrow. I get that way when I have a journey ahead of me…

On the plane, I’d asked for a gf meal (ironic given the way I ignored the whole subject on holiday) but they hadn’t packed it and there was literally nothing on board that didn’t have any gluten. Ah well, as I say, I can’t complain that much really….

Food on the 10th:

(just one photo of my lunch at Heathrow….)


And some afternoon tea because I can’t resist scones…


Then dinner on the plane:



We reached our hotel for the first night (in JFK) at about 9:30 so we didn’t do much of anything after check in or in the morning before getting a car out to the cruise port – Cape Liberty in New Jersey. That place seems very depressed, mostly closed down warehouses and things. Embarkation went very smoothly and we were on board by about 12:30.

The afternoon was spent on lunch, exploring and then unpacking when our cases arrived at the cabin. Lovely weather to start a cruise don’t you think?


Food today:

Breakfast: Was included at the hotel, and did not offer anything GF except plain fruit. But there was a waffle iron and a vat of batter beside it, so I made myself a waffle and had a load of other rubbish that I didn’t bother to photograph

Lunch: Still no picture, but I had a burger and fries

Dinner: Can’t remember because I didn’t have my camera

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