Monday, 5 September 2011


Yesterday was going to be my last Dukan day – I wanted a fast drop to a weight in my happy range before returning to what generally works for me longer term. But then I decided on just a few days more since I’m liking the trend in my weigh-ins and the diet is still not too uncomfortable to follow. Actually its a lot better than not too uncomfortable! I am currently smack in the middle of TTOM and not only is my weight still going down, but I’ve had no real cravings (I know I whinged a bit about wanting carbs last week but in truth that was still a world away from my normal cravings before which I am helpless)

I walked into town again this morning, in my Vibrams again. Jess – I really like them, though I haven’t ever tried running in them as I’m a coward, but they definitely couldn’t offer the kind of ankle support you get from trainers. Although some would say that’s the point… They take a bit of getting used to (I wore them around the house for a while before venturing out of doors) with the main issues being that they’re hard to get on until you’re used to them and it can feel at first like they are pinching the big toe if you’re not used to having anything in between the toes. I also have yoga socks with ‘fingers’ for the toes, and I think wearing them for a while made the adjustment easier. The only other problems are personal – I’m clumsy so I can state from experience that stubbing your toe in Vibrams is worse than in normal shoes, and stepping on a piece of sharp-edged gravel can be sore too! Having said that, walking on a gravelled surface has an almost massaging effect which I rather like, climbing up the steep embankment is easier because my feet can compensate for the uneven surface better, and its kind of amusing to glance down at your feet and realise that you’ve got a bunch of weeds and grass sticking out from between your toes (I admit I’m easily amused Winking smile)

Food today:

Breakfast: Oat bran pancake ‘blini’ topped with fromage frais and smoked salmon


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with rhubarb and a pint of skimmed milk walking home from town

Lunch: 4 chicken thighs (skinless & boneless) slow cooked with garlic peri peri sauce (I know they look unappetising but they were good!)


Dinner: Impala fillet steak, scallops & prawns – surf & turf savannah deluxe!!!


Weight: 133.1 lbs


  1. Well now, if your cravings are down a good bit then what harm is there in keeping to eat that way :)

  2. oh and belated happy birthday the way, have been very lethargic around blog commenting lately!

  3. Wow, those are some amazing results with Dukan: if it's proving easy to manage and relatively sustainable for you then fantastic!

    Thanks for the info about the Vibrams. I think they'll stay on my wishlist for now as I have such hypermobile joints that I need a lot of support, but after your evaluation of them I certainly wouldn't rule them out. I like the idea of grass between my toesies too ;)


  4. I am fascinated to see the weight come of Chrissie and the Dukan is on my list of things to do but my life has been too chaotic of late to make any sensible attempt.

  5. errr presumably you're 143.1 not 133.1 as a 10lb drop overnight is mental!